Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor has featured in plenty of Doctor Who stories over the year, whether they be the TV film, 2013's short webisode The Night of the Doctor or the many audio adventures released by Big Finish.


However, he has had a shockingly small amount of time featuring on the main show – something the star appears keen to rectify.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, McGann was asked how he feels about the fact that his incarnation of the Doctor has had such a life outside of the TV series, to which he said: "I love it. How could you not?

"The fans call me the longest and the shortest. I’ll have it. Less than two hours of screen time in 27 years, but somehow still kind of everywhere all at once. It could only happen in Who world.

"I was recently in one of the Jodie Whittaker episodes (The Power of the Doctor). That's the only time that the Eighth Doctor got on to the telly. So it gave me a little taste for it. I wouldn't mind doing some more."

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Doctor Who - Paul McGann
Paul McGann in Doctor Who. BBC

Fans certainly wouldn't mind either. Last year, asked fans what they would like to see in the next spin-off show from Doctor Who, and they overwhelmingly requested a new series starring McGann's Eighth Doctor.

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Whether this comes to pass remains to be seen, but we certainly do know that new spin-offs are in the offing, with a series centred on UNIT heavily rumoured as being in development.

Davies confirmed that he was developing spin-offs back in January 2023, saying that it is "time for the next stage for Doctor Who".

He said: "I thought the streaming platforms are ready, the spin-offs are ready; I always believed in spin-offs when I was there. I did Torchwood as a spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures as a spin-off.

"Those spin-offs declined when I left, and I can see why. And I very much left after 2008, when the money became scarce. I think that's fair enough for the public service broadcaster that the money is spent on other things."

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