Either Russell T Davies has given us a big old misdirect with Jinkx Monsoon's character name in Doctor Who, or we could be about to welcome back a very familiar foe.


The showrunner has revealed some new details about the drag legend's character, who has previously been described as the Doctor's "most powerful enemy yet".

She'll appear in the second episode of the new season, titled The Devil's Chord.

Speaking to Empire, Davies said: "As for Jinkx, she actually stepped off the stage after a Broadway run of Chicago to get straight on a plane to be the character of Maestro in Doctor Who, and I think we can say she enjoyed that part somewhat.

"It’s a performance and a half!"

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Ncuti Gatwa, who's set to return as the Fifteenth Doctor, added: "She absolutely blew us away. It was so cool to see her transfer her skill set to this show. She fits Doctor Who so well."

Jinkx Monsoon in Doctor Who. She's wearing a black and white dress with bright orange hair and is clambering over a piano with a snarling expression
Jinkx Monsoon in Doctor Who. BBC

High praise indeed!

Of course, plenty of fans have noticed that Maestro directly translates to Master, and have immediately questioned whether Monsoon will play a new version of the Time Lord.

One fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "Maestro? Maestro!! Jinkx is the Master!! Squeeeeee!! I love this BUT I also remember when David Morrissey was the Next Doctor. I don’t trust you, RTD!!"

Another said: "I know it's a music episode, but this feels like an intentional play on the word Master, like when we got Mistress/Missy. If Jinkx is playing the newest incarnation of the Master I'm gonna be so f**king happy."

One more added: "If Maestro/Jinkx Monsoon really is the new Master then does that mean the piano is a Tardis???"

However, others have pointed out that it would be very soon for the Master to return - and Davies has previously seemed keen to give the Master, last played by Sacha Dhawan, a break.

Besides, considering what a big role music clearly plays in the episode, it certainly wouldn't be a stretch for the character to simply be named Maestro as a clever musical association.

One fan wrote on X: "Jinkx as the master would be extremely cool but come on that name is too on the nose."

Another said :"As much as Jinkx Monsoon would nail the role, I don’t think The Maestro will be The Master. I don’t think RTD would introduce one of the shows biggest villains in the second episode of a brand new iteration. Especially when all of the monsters seem to be original."

One more added: "I don’t think Jinkx’s Maestro is The Master. Maestro seems to have supernatural abilities, and is likely a new character. I think it’s just a snappy music-related name."

Fans saw their latest glimpse of Maestro in the most recent trailer, released alongside the episode titles. Monsoon's character is seen clambering over a piano before snarling and asking: "You called?"

As for who finding out she actually is, we'll have to wait until the episode airs on 11th May.

Doctor Who will return on Saturday 11th May on BBC iPlayer and BBC One. Previous seasons are available to stream on BBC iPlayer with episodes of the classic series also available on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.


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