Warning: Spoilers ahead for Doctor Who's final 60th anniversary special, The Giggle.


As David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to Doctor Who for the final 60th anniversary special, The Giggle, another iconic character was also referenced.

The latest instalment sees returning villain, the Toymaker (this time brought to life by Neil Patrick Harris) taunting Tennant's Doctor with tricks and games while the world around him is driven mad.

During one moment, the Toymaker recalls a victory over one of the Doctor's other iconic enemies, the Master, most recently played by Sacha Dhawan.

Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker in Doctor Who
Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker in Doctor Who. BBC

He says: "The Master was dying and begged for his life with one final game and when he lost, I sealed him for all eternity inside my gold tooth," before showing off the glinting tooth.

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The last time we saw Dhawan's Master was in The Power of the Doctor, when he was dying as a result of his own plan going wrong.

Recently speaking to RadioTimes.com, Dhawan considered whether that episode marked the end for his iteration of the Master.

He said: "I think at the current time, yes. I feel as an actor that I'm so fortunate and I've done my thing with him. But at the same time, you know what it's like with Doctor Who; you could blow a character to shreds and they'll still find a way of coming back.

"Also, seeing the new series of Doctor Who coming out next, and the cast and Russell [T Davies] coming back, oh my god.

"I've been seeing all the speculation in the press and I have such major FOMO. I know it's going to be so good, as well. I think it's good to maybe have a break from it, and if I was asked to maybe come back, I think I'd inject a new lease of life into it now having had a break from it."

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