It's been a BIG week for Doctor Who fans with the reveal of Jodie Whittaker's new Thirteenth Doctor's costume and a modified Tardis, but what do they make of the n-Who look that sets the scene for the upcoming eleventh series of the rebooted run?

We posed some questions to thousands of fans across the Whoniverse (and internet) and they responded in their droves, giving us their opinions about what's to come when Peter Capaldi regenerates in December.

Here's what they had to say...

They really like the Thirteenth Doctor's new costume

Now let's be realistic - there has been some criticism levelled at the powers that be over Jodie Whittaker's new Who ensemble and not everybody is happy with it, but the vast majority of fans do really like the look.

A poll of more than 19,000 readers revealed that 73% of them thought the new outfit - which is littered with nods to Doctors past - was a right treat.

“I kind of like the costume,” Lucy Preece wrote on Facebook. “I am also glad it is not too feminine but at the same time not too masculine.”

Some were still on the fence, however, saying they'd need a little more time to decide how they felt about the outfit.

For Julie Rampke, it all comes down to how the new Doctor decides what she's going to wear: "Do we get a scene where she leisurely gets to go through the Doctor's wardrobe room? Does she have to hastily choose from somewhere? What dialogue is going on at the time, if any? Will she, as other Doctors have, end up revising it over time as she comes to know herself better?" Rampke wrote.

When that comes to light, she'll make up her mind.

And they're totally on board with its Mork and Mindy feel

Let's just say it's a little less Nanu-Nanu, a little more Nan-Who Nan-Who.

What's going on with the Tardis?

"We all know the chameleon circuit doesn't work so it's not surprising that it keeps changing a little" Robert Alan Henning mused on Facebook as we discussed the new look Tardis with 10,000 eager Whovians.

The Doctor's ship looks as though it's had a lick of distressed blue paint - among other minor alterations - and fans say they're quite happy about it.

82% said they liked the new blue, while 17% weren't quite so keen.

They were split down the middle when it came to the black and white (or white and black) sign on the front door, though. It's changed colour many times throughout both the Classic and NuWho series, so fans aren't all that fussed about what colour it is.

Doctor Who_Series 11_Costume Reveal

However, the black letters on a white background edged it with 51% of the vote.

And it seems as though the St John's Ambulance sign has divided the fanbase too.

The famous logo hasn't popped up all that frequently during the Doctor's numerous adventures in space and time, so the majority don't think it's a big deal that it has disappeared again. But still, 48% of fans said they'll miss it.

They've given the big blue box the seal of appr-WHO-val

They may be divided on the minor changes, but they can come to a majority consensus on one thing: They quite like the new look Tardis exterior.

85% of fans told us so.

And their hopes for a spot of Tardis regeneration don't end with the exterior either.

Earlier this year, Doctor Who viewers told that a new look Tardis interior would be a MUST for series 11 too. “The current one is awesome”, Des Johnson explained via Twitter at the time, “but it came from the Doctor’s darkest days”.

It isn't wild to think their demands could be met. They told us they wanted multiple companions and Chris Chibnall appears to be giving us multiple companions, as revealed just last month.

Will they get their next wish?

Only space and time will tell...

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 at Christmas