This week's episode of Doctor Who sees a host of supporting characters return, including two who were last seen together in The Giggle – Bonnie Langford's Mel Bush and Yasmin Finney's Rose Noble.


The duo were last seen together sharing a meal with the Fourteenth Doctor and Rose's family, and now, with Rose working at UNIT, Langford has explained how their dynamic has developed.

Speaking exclusively with, she said of Mel and Rose's dynamic: "Well we’re like this bizarre comedy double, like, you couldn’t put two more unlikely people together and we absolutely do it as we spend our time on set. So she's obsessed with EastEnders, and she'll go, 'You're not my mother!' and I go, 'Yes, I am!'

"We do it just in random moments and people who don't know that we do this, they look at us and go 'Is there a drama?' and then we fall apart laughing. I don't know how that even started. But Mad Auntie Mel is there with Rose working together."

Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble in Doctor Who's The Legend of Ruby Sunday
Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble in Doctor Who's The Legend of Ruby Sunday. BBC Studios/Bad Wolf/James Pardon

Langford also spoke about working again with Fifteenth Doctor star Ncuti Gatwa, and working for the first time with Ruby Sunday star Millie Gibson.

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She said: "It's brilliant, it's wonderful. Because somehow Ncuti and I have this connection that just was there from the word go, from the minute I met him. We were on the same page completely. He has such a vibrant energy about him, there's just something very special about Ncuti.

"And Millie, she's so beautiful and has this great innocence and this charm about her. And to work with them both – I mean, I did sort of feel a bit like a great auntie who was looking after them. Yeah, Mad Auntie Mel, who can be mad and fun and silly, but also gives them a bit of security, that she will be there to help them and support them.

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"She's not their generation, but is somebody that you turn to to go, 'I need you, I need you', and she will be there, no matter what. And if she can't be then it's because nobody would be able to be there to support her.

"So as part of this UNIT team, she has all that backbone, but there comes a point when people just have to literally go, 'Right, we've got to sort this out'. And Mel is prepared to do that, no matter what."

Rose and Mel will not only appear in this week's episode, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, but are also expected to appear in next week's finale, Empire of Death, which will be the conclusion of a two-part story.

Doctor Who continues on Saturday 15th June on BBC iPlayer and BBC One. Previous seasons are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.


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