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Actor and former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston reveals he is writing his memoirs

I Love the Bones of You will detail the actor’s life, career, and the emotional impact of his father’s dementia

Christopher Eccleston
Published: Friday, 14th September 2018 at 3:43 pm

Actor Christopher Eccleston has revealed he is writing his memoirs, which are set to detail his life, career, and the impact of his late father’s dementia.


In the book, called I Love the Bones of You, Eccleston will reflect on his upbringing in working-class 1970s Salford and his ambition to perform.

The account is expected to cover his film debut as Derek Bentley in 1991 movie Let Him Have It, his role in the landmark BBC drama Our Friends in the North, as well as his time as the Ninth Doctor when Doctor Who relaunched in 2005.

I Love the Bones of You will also discuss the death of Eccleston’s father Ronnie, who suffered from dementia, and talk about how the condition affected his whole family.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News in 2017, Eccleston spoke of how his father threw him out on Christmas Day as he no longer recognised him.

"He didn’t know who I was," he said at the time. "He felt I was on his territory. I made him paranoid. I made him afraid, so he basically got me out of the house; what I mean is, I understood I needed to leave, so he could be more comfortable. My Mum was very upset by that and I had to gently say to my Mum, ‘Look, that wasn’t my dad. My Dad would never throw me out of his house, that was his condition.’"

Iain MacGregor, publishing director of non-fiction at Simon & Schuster UK said, “Like many, many people across Britain today, Chris bears the pain and loss of a dear parent who was taken by this incredibly vile condition. He wanted to not only record his father’s journey, but to celebrate his life, and that of his family also. We are privileged he has decided to take this journey with Simon & Schuster UK.”

Eccleston said: “My father was an 'ordinary man', which of course means he was extraordinary. I aim to capture him and his impact on my life and career.”


I Love the Bones of You is due to be published in September 2019.


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