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Has Charlie Brooker ended 'Wipe' for good? Black Mirror writer reveals future of hit BBC satire

The co-creator of Netflix's hit anthology series was forced to cancel 2017 Wipe, but has not entirely given up on the show

Published: Thursday, 1st November 2018 at 8:57 am

While globally Charlie Brooker is now known as the showrunner of dark Netflix anthology series Black Mirror, for many the 47-year-old will always be best loved for his savage TV reviews.


Some of his more scathing swipes include calling Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar “a water buffalo straining to s*** in a lake”, and that a now long-forgotten Big Brother contestant had a “face that could advertise war”.

His regular column inspired BBC4 satire Screenwipe in 2006, which ran for five series and spawned several spin-offs, including BBC2’s Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe and his Reviews of the Year.

But the future of the series is now in doubt after Brooker had to miss filming 2017’s Review of the Year as he was working on Black Mirror.

The demands of the award-winning Netflix series has meant that Brooker will not be making a 2018 Wipe and has called time on the series – for now.

Speaking to, he explained, “In terms of like Wipe shows, Black Mirror takes up every spare moment that I have so at the moment it’s quite tricky.

“Who knows? I wouldn’t necessarily rule out an End of Decade Wipe or something like that.”

In true Brooker fashion, he then added, “Or an End of the World Wipe. That might be coming up soon.”


For now, Black Mirror is Brooker’s main focus, with the hotly-anticipated fifth season featuring one of the most complicated ideas the series has ever attempted.

Brooker has also teased some of the show’s best-loved episodes, such as San Junipero, may have a sequel at some point.

“The world [of San Junipero] is potentially fairly limitless. You can revisit the world in a different way,” he explained.

“We had ideas for Be Right Back, White Bear, and stories like USS Callister where there’s clear potential we can see


“It’s world-expansion. It’s like building a second house and putting a conservatory on the back.”

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