Boba Fett actor hints at future in Star Wars franchise after The Mandalorian: “There’s room for this to go someplace”

Temuera Morrison opened up about what's in store for the mighty bounty hunter in the sprawling Star Wars franchise.

The Mandalorian season 2

From his first movie appearance in The Empire Strikes Back to his most recent turn on The Mandalorian, clone turned mighty bounty hunter Boba Fett has a rich history in the Star Wars universe.


And now, Temuera Morrison, the actor who played him in the originals and who has reprised the role for the Disney+ series, has spoken about what the future holds for the fan-favourite character.

When asked whether there had been any talk of him returning to the sprawling franchise, he told The New York Times: “I’m just going to have to wait and see. I think a lot of it depends on how things go with this season, but I don’t really know.

“I wanted to bring everything I had to [The Mandalorian] and give them a glimmer of what I can offer. There’s room for this to go someplace. I hope I’m going to be included.”

We hope so too, especially since there is so much about the character’s journey we don’t know yet.

“He’s well-worn, and he’s been through a lot,” Morrison added. “He’s a survivor, and he’s weathered.”

It’s no wonder. Until he popped up looking for his father Jango Fett’s armour in The Mandalorian, he was presumed dead after falling into a pit of Sarlacc back in Return of the Jedi.

Despite multiple appearances in video games, animated series Clone Wars, comics and books, we don’t know how Han Solo’s nemesis survived or how he lost his trademark Mandalorian armour.

Perhaps that, and his mastery of Tusken Raider weapons, is something that could be resolved by one of the many upcoming Star Wars projects in the works. Here’s hoping…


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