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10,000 fans call for Torchwood return

John Barrowman led the call for another series of the spin-off – and it seems many fans agree

Published: Tuesday, 8th March 2016 at 3:10 pm

The fire in fans' hearts for more Torchwood has not been extinguished, despite the series last showing on television back in 2011.


Almost 10,600 fans said that they would like to see Captain Jack et al return in a poll on, with 97 per cent of those asked saying they were waiting for a Torchwood revival.

The vote was triggered after star John Barrowman said in a video on his Facebook page that “there should have been more of this [Torchwood].”

Barrowman had settled in for a binge rewatch of his old show, a situation familiar to many fans.

“Torchwood was unlike anything else, and ended far too soon,” said Burke McKay from Tennessee . “It really needs to make a reappearance soon.”

However, a select few were happy with the current state of affairs. “I actually prefer the stuff Big Finish does with it now,” one fan commented. “Those stories are brilliant.”


Class, a Doctor Who spin-off following the pupils of Coal Hill School, is expected to start on BBC3 this Autumn. However, the result shows a groundswell of support for the original nu-Who spin-off, only surpassed by the 22,000 fans who would use a Tardis emojii if one were to become available.


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