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Here's why everybody was talking about David Tennant, Bill Turnbull and Call The Midwife this week

From Doctor Who to Discworld, and a heartbreaking death at Nonnatus House, here's what YOU had to say about the week's biggest TV and entertainment stories

David Tennant, Charlotte Ritchie, Bill Turnbull
Published: Saturday, 10th March 2018 at 10:00 am

Check out the biggest entertainment stories and the best TV talking points from the past seven days...


Call The Midwife's Nurse Barbara storyline broke the nation's hearts

There wasn't a dry eye in the UK on Sunday night as Poplar bid farewell to one of its most beloved midwives.

Fans flooded Twitter with tweets and tears, while Midwives past and present shared their tributes. Check them out below.

We met the 2018 Oscar winners

And listen to their moving speeches.

Maisie Sly melted hearts all over the internet

The six-year-old actress and star of Oscar-winning live action short The Silent Child had a joyous reunion with her dad after the film's big win.

"My eyes are sweating," Foto Shooter commented on Facebook.

Ours are too.

David Tennant got everyone very excited about Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary

The former Time Lord teased that he might be tempted to return for a special episode to mark the occasion.

Fans, needless to say, were totally on board with that idea.

"Yes, please," Melissa Jayne Widger wrote on Facebook. "Oh, and Christopher Eccleston!"

Rob Penticoff, meanwhile, just can't wait that long: "He should just show up in a random episode for fun next season!"

Alan Cumming revealed he'd been cast in Doctor Who

The Scottish actor let slip that he'd be joining the cast of series 11 as King James I, before taking to Twitter to apologise for letting the cat out of the bag a wee bit early.

Whovians didn't seem to hold the mistake against him, though.

"Nice bit of casting, I can see this working well," Lloyd Ross wrote on Facebook.

The nation's dogs couldn't get enough of Crufts

John Barrowman shared snaps of a Torchwood reunion

Barrowman posted a picture of himself with co-stars Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd and guest star James Marsters at last weekend’s Wizard World convention.

He's a terrible Torchwood tease!

Terry Pratchett's Discworld TV news was welcomed by fans

BBC Studios will be bringing Terry Pratchett's world to life on the small screen.

"About time," wrote Robert William Graham on Facebook. "We've had some decent TV miniseries adaptations of The Colour Of Magic and The Hogfather and Going Postal. This has been crying out for a TV series for years."

Winnie The Pooh made a welcome comeback

The bear from the Hundred Acre Wood was back on our screens in the first trailer for new Disney live-action film, Christopher Robin.

Ewan McGregor stars as Pooh's now grown-up pal, whom the bear comes to visit in London. Christopher's got a very boring office job and has been forced to stay and work over the weekend, abandoning his plans to take his wife and young daughter on holiday.

We bet Pooh will have something to say about that.

"I can't wait for that," Paula Kelly wrote.

Neither can we.

And broadcaster Bill Turnbull inspired the nation with his bravery

Turnbull revealed he'd been diagnosed with prostate cancer while appearing on The Great Celebrity Bake Off's Stand Up 2 Cancer special.

"Bill has always seemed a lovely man and he was so funny on GBBO," Sue Ratcliffe wrote on Facebook. "I found the film at the end very hard to watch, but applaud his bravery in making it."


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