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David Tennant teases new writers, “fresh energies” and an upbeat attitude in Jodie Whittaker’s first Doctor Who series

The former Tenth Doctor has been keeping an eye on the new series

Published: Friday, 9th March 2018 at 9:14 am

When it comes to getting the inside scoop on the new series of Doctor Who, David Tennant is pretty well placed.


He may not have played the Tenth Doctor for a few years now, but the Scottish actor has stayed in touch with the major players and even has an in with both the new series boss and its leading star – writer Chris Chibnall and Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker – thanks to his years working with them on ITV’s Broadchurch.

Now Tennant has revealed that he’s been in touch with the pair during the filming process for series 11, and that while he wasn’t “involved in the day-to-day of it” he’s only hearing good things about the new Doctor’s adventures.

“When we were doing the last season of Broadchurch, Chris was beginning work on Doctor Who, and working with writers,” Tennant told the crowd at Wizard World con in Cleveland, where he was appearing with former Who co-star Billie Piper.

“I know he’s bringing in lots of writers who’ve not worked on the show before …I think he’s looking for some fresh energies and new eyes on it.

“He got some amazing people working on the show, that’ll be exciting. Chris himself has loved Doctor Who his entire life.”

Piper added that she’d actually met Chibnall for the first time recently and that he was “really really upbeat”, which Tennant agreed was a regular theme in production of the new series.

“Yeah, he’s very excited about it,” Tennant said. “And the times I’ve spoken to Chris and Jodie when they’ve been making the show, which hasn’t been a lot, but a couple of times, they’ve just been, both of them have been so… upbeat is exactly the word. They’re so chuffed with it and having such a good time.

“I can only imagine that will show on screen,” he concluded. “I think it’s a show you can have a really good time making. We certainly did! So I’m sure they will bring it home.”

Given that Tennant himself has hinted he might be open to another guest appearance in the future, maybe he’ll get to experience the upbeat new Who himself in a few years’ time...


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this autumn


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