John Barrowman posts picture of Torchwood reunion “mayhem”

The Torchwood Three team are back together again

An image for Big Finish's Torchwood: Believe

While we may not be any closer to a proper onscreen return for Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood yet, we have the next best thing – a reunion of some of the cast, at a recent convention, described by star John Barrowman as “f***ing mayhem”.


Barrowman posted a picture of himself with co-stars Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd and guest star James Marsters at last weekend’s Wizard World convention, promising to “pick the others up along the way” (specifically referring to fellow cast mates Eve Myles and Burn Gorman).

“You know it’s f***ing mayhem when we are all together. #TorchwoodYeah,” he wrote – and he wasn’t the only one to happily share the reunion pic, with Mori (who played tech expert Toshiko Sato in the BBC sci-fi drama) posting it on her Twitter account with the caption “Three men and a little lady. Two captains and a coffee boy. One mini #Torchwood family reunion.”

Of course, fans will soon have another reunion of sorts in an upcoming Big Finish drama called Torchwood: Believe, which reunites the original Torchwood characters for the first time in years (while Big Finish has been making Torchwood dramas for a while, it’s never had the entire original team together before now).

But there’s still something a little bit special about seeing them reunited in the flesh, isn’t there? Fingers crossed we might see them onscreen together again one day too.


Torchwood: Believe will be available from Big Finish as a CD and a digital download from next month