Magical fantasy in Victorian London seems to be all the rage right now - first Netflix gave us Sherlock Holmes spin-off The Irregulars, and now American network HBO is giving us big-budget original The Nevers.


Yes, the States are making the rare move by tapping into the period drama, adding a dash of science fiction to mix up the usual story of Lords and Ladies by giving them powers, and actually finding a surprising balance between the two genres.

Far from your usual sci-fare fare but with a touch more supernatural excitement than your standard costume drama, The Nevers has already proved a hit in the US thanks to its focus on nuanced female characters and extravagant production design - but when can we see part two here in the UK on Sky Atlantic?

Here's everything we know about season two of The Nevers.

The Nevers Part 2 release date

The Nevers Part 2 may technically be part of season one - but there's likely going to be a season-long wait.

Only five episodes had been filmed when production was halted in early 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic. The show was then able to finish filming episode six in October 2020, and HBO decided to split the series into two parts so that the show could start airing in April 2021.

However, given that part two of The Nevers still has to be filmed - not to mention the lengthy post-production to accommodate the show's heavy use of visual effects - we don't expect The Nevers Part 2 to air until 2022.

The Nevers Part 2 trailer

There's no trailer for The Nevers Part 2 just yet (it needs to be filmed first!) but you can recap earlier events with this trailer of season one:

The Nevers cast

The Nevers

The main cast is, of course, the women of The Touched who have been imbued with powers, including Laura Donnelly (Outlander) as irresponsible, spontaneous lead Amalia with the power to see the future, Ann Skelly (Vikings) as best friend Penance who can see electrical energy patterns and Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense) as rich spinster Lavinia.

Being a period drama, you, of course, have to have a few British veterans of the genre - Little Women's James Norton plays aristocratic club owner Hugo Swann, while Poldark's Eleanor Tomlinson appears as failed singer Mary Brighton.

Tom Riley (Da Vinci's Demons) also plays kindly bird watcher Augie, while Nick Frost (Truth Seekers) also has a memorable role as slippery criminal The Beggar King.

The Nevers finale: What happened in season 1, part 1?

*Spoilers ahead for The Nevers Part One*

The Nevers started out as a period drama with a light science fiction touch, but by the end of part one we're headfirst into an extra-terrestrial, world-saving plot.

The mid-season finale explains all the odd occurrences and hints surrounding the character of Amelia True - and it turns out she is not who we thought she was at all.

Turns out her true name is Zephyr Alexis Naveen, and that she's a worker at the Planetary Defense Coalition, an armed force tasked with protecting the alien Galanthi in Earth's apocalyptic future. When Zephyr commits suicide in the future, the Galanthi takes her soul through a portal into 1890s London where she finds herself in the body of indebted baker Molly.

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The series ends with Amalia/Zephyr revealing her true name to Penance, and preparing to also tell the orphanage everything.

It's quite the cliffhanger - and poses just as many questions as it answers. Part two can't come soon enough...

The Nevers episodes: How many episodes in season 1?

The Nevers was originally intended to have a 10-episode first season. However, when the season was split into two parts due to COVID-19's impact on filming, the count was increased to 12 episodes.

The episodes have been split evenly, with six episodes in each part.

The Nevers season 2: Has it been renewed?

There's no word yet on whether The Nevers has been cancelled or renewed just yet - expect to hear a decision once HBO sees how part two is received.

While an expensive show, The Nevers has done well on streaming and catch-up in the US, so a second season is entirely possible.


The Nevers is now available on Sky Atlantic and NOW. Want more to watch? Check out our dedicated Sci-Fi Hub or our full TV Guide.