Fans have wasted no time getting stuck into Lucifer season 5 part 2, which has finally dropped on Netflix almost a year after the first half.


The eight new episodes conclude with a major change to the status quo of the long-running series, laying the groundwork for an epic sixth (and final) season. (You can read our Lucifer review here for a season overview.)

The next batch of episodes will need to tackle the aftermath of the shocking Lucifer season 5B ending as well as providing fans with a satisfying farewell to Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker.

We've picked out our six biggest questions that Lucifer season six will need to answer, encompassing everything from the ultimate fate of Deckerstar to the future of our favourite supporting characters.

Warning: spoilers follow.

What will Lucifer do with his new powers?

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer

Lucifer season five part two ends with the title character becoming the new God of all creation, following his father's decision to retire to an alternate universe.

After a bitter confrontation with his devious twin brother Michael Demiurgos Lucifer proves himself worthy of the top job by risking his life to save Chloe from an untimely death.

The finale ends with Lucifer's angelic siblings bowing down to him, seemingly accepting him as the next ruler of heaven, but it's unclear exactly what he will do with these new responsibilities.

It's possible he'll want to put his own signature spin on the afterlife – perhaps opening a new Lux venue in the clouds – although the season six premiere suggests he might be met with some resistance.

The title reads: "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here".

Will Dan make it to heaven?

Kevin Alejandro plays Dan Espinoza in Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer fans were shocked when the second half of season five saw Kevin Alejandro's fan-favourite character Detective Dan Espinoza killed off in brutal fashion by a gang boss.

There was salt in the wound when it was later revealed that Dan has gone to hell, presumably for feeling guilty about a misdeed from his mortal life, which seems like an unfair end for such a nice character.

We're betting that Dan will find his way to heaven at some point during season six, with Lucifer star Kevin Alejandro confirming that the character will appear in the final episodes.

"This is definitely not it for Dan," he told "Joe [Henderson] and Ildy [Modrovich] figured out a way to bring him back in some capacity."

How will Amenadiel fare on the police force?

DB Woodside in Lucifer season 5 on Netflix
DB Woodside in Lucifer season 5 on Netflix Netflix

In a surprise twist, Lucifer's brother Amenadiel has expressed his intention to join the police force, which looks set to be a major storyline in the final season.

Dan initially had some doubts about the idea before supporting his friend's application to the LAPD, but it remains to be seen whether he will get along well in the job.

What we do know is that he will strike up a special relationship with a fellow cop, to be played by Alias star Merrin Dungey, while the next episodes will also touch upon some pressing real-world themes.

DB Woodside told TV Line: "We’re going to dive back into — especially given everything that’s happened this past year while we were on lockdown, with George Floyd and Black Lives Matter — a bit about the police and issues that happen within the police department, and how good cops are trying to take on bad cops."

Will Ella and Carol Corbett start dating?

Aimee Garcia plays Ella Lopez in Lucifer
Aimee Garcia plays Ella Lopez in Lucifer Netflix

Before Dan died, he attempted to set up the LAPD's forensics expert Ella Lopez with Carol Corbett, an old friend of his and a fellow police officer.

Scott Porter (Ginny & Georgia) made a brief debut in season five, appearing at Dan's funeral where he introduced himself to Ella, but we reckon he'll be back for a more substantial role next time.

If the two of them do start dating and fall in love, it would provide a heartwarming ending for Ella, who can be considered very unlucky in love after ex-boyfriend Pete Daily was revealed to be a serial killer.

What does the future hold for Maze and Eve?

Lucifer season 5B - Maze and Eve

Lucifer fans will be thrilled to see that demon Mazikeen and her beloved Eve are back together in season five part two.

They first met in season four and quickly formed a close bond, with Maze developing romantic feelings for Eve that were sadly not reciprocated at first.

Eve went travelling to find herself and figure out what she wants from her life on Earth, concluding that she has never felt more content than when she was with Maze.

It looks as if the couple will stay together for the foreseeable, but we're keen to find out what the future looks like for them – will they get up to more bounty hunting action or will Maze's anxiety over Eve's mortality get in the way?

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Will Lucifer and Chloe get their happy ending?

Tom Ellis and Lauren German in Lucifer

Above all else, this is the question that fans will want to see definitively answered in the final season of Lucifer.

Over several years, we have been following the whirlwind romance between Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker, which has seen setback after setback from emotional baggage to celestial drama.

They had their toughest moment yet in the season five finale, when Chloe was killed by Michael and Lucifer stormed up to heaven to bring her back to life.

Looking ahead, Lucifer's new job as God could prove to be another test for the couple to overcome, as his father struggled to juggle his endless responsibilities with maintaining personal relationships.

No doubt season six will see more emotionally charged conversations between the two, but surely things will work out in the end... right?

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