Lucifer: The big questions we need answered in Season 5, Part 2

After that shock ending, anything could happen... **SEASON 5 SPOILERS**

Lauren German and Tom Ellis star in Lucifer season 5 on Netflix

Lucifer season five is finally available to stream on Netflix, setting off on a brand new story where the devil finds himself besieged by a devious twin brother.


The first eight episodes pack some major revelations for several characters, ending with a surprising twist that will leave fans eager for more.

But what will happen in the second half of season five? We’ve compiled the top five questions that we need answered when Lucifer season five returns to complete its latest outing.

It’s unclear when exactly that will be, given that star Tom Ellis has revealed there are a few scenes still to shoot, but some wild speculation should help tide us over in the meantime.

Careful: major season five spoilers follow…

Will God reconcile with Lucifer?

God (Dennis Haysbert) in Lucifer

In the closing moments of the mid-season finale, 24 star Dennis Haysbert made his debut in the role of a lifetime: God. That’s right, after plenty of mentions and references, the Almighty himself will have a starring role in the second half of season five.

Naturally, we have a lot of questions about how the writers will choose to depict him, as penning scripts in the voice of God must be a very daunting challenge indeed.

Even more so, we wonder what his sudden arrival on Earth could possibly mean; is he here to lend a hand to the misguided human race? To be a sign of the end times? Or perhaps to reconcile with his wayward son?

The possibilities are endless and there aren’t many hints to be drawn from his single line of dialogue in episode eight, so expect plenty of wild theories in the weeks and months to come.

Does Lucifer really love Chloe?

Lucifer star Tom Ellis

One of the more perplexing plot threads to emerge in season five is the idea that Lucifer may not love Chloe to the extent that she loves him.

When Lucifer regains his invulnerability in her presence, Michael plants the seed that it may be due to his feelings for her fading away.

Lucifer doesn’t help matters when he finds himself physically unable to tell Chloe he loves her, suggesting that it could well be a lie.

But how could that be possible? At the end of season four, he tells her that she was his first love and appears to be just as infatuated now.

Let’s hope there’s a good reason behind this latest speed bump for the devil and the detective, rather than just an excuse to drag their tumultuous relationship out even further.

What is Michael’s plan?

Lucifer season five stars Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, streaming on Netflix

Lucifer’s twin brother Michael proved to be a nasty thorn in his side this season, first attempting to steal his life away and later coming close to destroying it completely.

As the season went on, his manipulation extended outwards to affect Dan, Chloe and Amenadiel, making his overall aim a little more clouded in mystery.

When Lucifer confronts Michael about his true intentions in the midseason finale, he ominously replies: “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

We think he has a few more surprises up his sleeve.

Is Charlie really mortal?

DB Woodside plays Amenadiel in Lucifer on Netflix

Amenadiel was troubled to discover that his infant son, Charlie, is seemingly mortal, taking after his human mother rather than his celestial father.

As a result, the angel was thrown into panic about the suffering and eventual death that awaits his baby, pausing time as he assessed his options.

But is Charlie really mortal? At the moment, it feels like there’s a strong chance that Michael could be deceiving Amenadiel somehow, so we need a bit more convincing.

If it is true, passing up the chance to depict the first new celestial in millennia seems like a real missed opportunity.

Will Mazikeen get a happy ending? 

Lesley Ann-Brandt plays Mazikeen in Lucifer on Netflix

Our hearts went out to Mazikeen this season, as she faced a major identity crisis caused by her lack of a soul and her failed relationship with Eve.

Her desperation put her on the wrong path – an alliance with Michael – but we’re hoping she gets the chance to redeem herself and live a happy life on Earth.

Will that include getting a soul? Since the dawn of time, it’s been thought impossible for a demon to attain such spirituality, but there’s a first time for everything.


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