First-look images of Lucifer’s “noir” season 5 episode

The 1940s "noir" episode sees Lucifer Morningstar recounting a story from his past to Trixie - and casting some familiar faces...

Lucifer (Netflix)

Netflix’s Lucifer has debuted its first look at its upcoming “noir” segment for season five, travelling back in time for the episode “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken”.


In images debuted on Entertainment Weekly, we see a flashback to 1940s Los Angeles, with series lead Tom Ellis giving off distinctly Humphrey Bogart-type vibes as Lucifer Morningstar, dressed in a three-piece suit and trilby.

In an accompanying interview, the series showrunners revealed that, since Netflix expanded the number of season five episodes, they had more time to play around, with noir and musical episodes scheduled.


The noir episode promises “Lucifer’s first case”, set amidst the extravagance of old Hollywood.

“Whenever you play [with] flashbacks, the question is always, ‘What’s the time frame that can reflect a person?’ What’s nice about noir is it’s detective stories, but Lucifer isn’t a detective yet. So what we’re almost seeing, to a certain extent, is Lucifer’s first case,” co-showrunner Joe Henderson said.

“There is a case, there is a mystery to solve, but it’s just more filtering our [show’s] language through noir.”

Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich added that it was Ellis himself who inspired the episode’s time frame: “Tom Ellis is made for this style. He kind of is Cary Grant. I think there’s always been something about his portrayal of Lucifer [that’s] old school, that harkens back to the extravagance and elegance of old Hollywood and just noir.'”

Lucifer is telling a story to young Trixie in the episode, and so the flashbacks cast series regulars in unfamiliar roles. For example, Trixie questions why the detective in the story is a man, so Lucifer casts her mother, Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German).

Henderson said, “As he’s telling the story, he’s basically putting the characters we know and love into it. He’s replacing a hard boiled detective with Chloe Decker [German], another character with Dan Espinoza [Kevin Alejandro]. The fun of it is, who Lucifer chooses to be who and what that says about how he sees them. [It’s] also super fun getting to see actors play wildly different roles than we’re accustomed to seeing them.”

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