Lucifer noir special explained: What’s going on in the black and white episode?

Take a trip back in time with Lucifer and the gang.

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the noir episode of season five (Netflix)

As details about Lucifer season five began to trickle out of Netflix HQ, one of the episodes that stood out to fans was a special inspired by film noir crime stories of decades past.


Early images were released showing the Lucifer cast in vintage 1940s attire, sporting pinstripe suits and trilby hats, while a black and white filter completed the retro aesthetic.

But what exactly is going on? Have the LAPD discovered time travel or an alternate dimension? The answer is much simpler, as we can now reveal.

Lucifer noir episode explained

The premise of the noir episode is that Detective Decker’s daughter, Trixie, arrives at Lucifer’s penthouse apartment after he had planned a game night with Chloe.

When it becomes apparent that Chloe isn’t going to show up, Trixie asks if Lucifer can tell her a story, and he reluctantly begins regaling her with his first ever criminal case in 1940s New York City.

The episode makes a couple of brief stops back in the present day, but largely focuses on the flashback setting and the case of a missing ring.

Who are the cast playing in Lucifer’s noir episode?

Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt in Lucifer season five on Netflix

The strange thing about the Lucifer special is that it sees the main cast take on entirely different roles than usual, with the exception of Tom Ellis who hangs onto the title role.

Lesley-Ann Brandt takes a break from Mazikeen to play Lilith, the mother of all demons, who has found a place for herself on Earth as a lounge singer.

Lauren German ditches Decker in favour of private investigator Jack Monroe, a male character who Lucifer gender-swaps at Trixie’s request.

He does the same for a powerful New York crime boss, delegating the role to Aimee Garcia (aka forensics expert Ella Lopez), in pursuit of a “gender-balanced narrative.”

DB Woodside transitions from Amenadiel to charismatic magician Melvin the Magnificent, Kevin Alejandro embodies the quintessential “douche” as an eccentric millionaire, while Rachael Harris shifts from psychotherapist Dr Linda Martin to New York bartender Gerty.

Longtime viewers will also be excited to see a fan favourite return as a guest star. We won’t spoil the surprise here.


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