Sabrina Spellman really knows how to make an exit. As Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season one concluded, we saw our heroine striding towards the camera, flanked by the Weird Sisters.


Gone were the natty knits and Red Riding Hood-style coat. Instead she’d donned the distinctive velvet get-up favoured by your style-conscious devil worshipper.

Dark lipstick? Check. Bright white hair? Check (summoning hellfire apparently comes with added beauty benefits). Knowing wink? Check. Sabrina has fully embraced her darker side. But what will that mean for season two?

As satisfying as it was to see her unlock her full witchy potential, signing the Book of the Beast comes with a lot of potential drawbacks for Sabrina, and could throw a major spanner in the works for her plan to defeat Satan/the Dark Lord/Goat Voldermort.

Read on for all the pressing questions we have ahead of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two.

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1. Will Sabrina still be able to defeat Satan?

Up until signing the Book of the Beast, Sabrina (played by Kiernan Shipka) had been pretty open about her aim of going up against the Dark Lord and defeating him — something she probably should have stayed quiet about around Ms Wardwell/Madam Satan (Michelle Gomez). But surely signing a blood contract forcing her to do her adversary’s bidding will put a bit of a damper on that plan… or will it?

If Wardwell’s bird familiar, Stolas (RIP), was right, then Satan’s got Sabrina lined up as a candidate for the Queen of Hell. And that’s probably got something to do with her extraordinary powers — after all, she’s only the fourth witch to ever summon hellfire, don't you know — potentially making her Satan’s equal if/when it comes down to an epic duel.

2. Will Satan replace Madam Satan with Sabrina?

Michelle Gomez in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If Satan does plan on promoting Sabrina to the Queen of Hell, he’ll have to go through Ms Wardwell/Madam Satan. Or rather, Wardwell will go through Sabrina.

After revealing that she was once Lilith, Adam’s first wife before Eve, it’s clear that she’s been waiting for the role for a lot longer than Sabrina — about a millennium, in fact.

3. Who or what is Dr Cerberus?

It was all going so well for Sabrina’s loveable, arachnophile auntie. Hilda (Lucy Davis), whose British accent continues to confuse and delight us, had landed a job, her own room, and finally a kiss from her equally quirky boss, Dr Cerberus, a bookshop owner with a love of vampire costumes. But as he left Hilda swooning on the porch steps, his eyes glowed a suspicious shade of orange...

While it’s pretty clear Cerberus isn’t all he says he is, the question remains as to what he is. In Greek mythology, ‘Cerberus’ is actually the name for the many-headed hound that guards the Underworld (and the inspiration for Fluffy from Harry Potter). Whatever he is, he better not break Aunt Hilda’s heart.

4. What will Hilda and Zelda’s relationship be like next season?

Talking of Hilda… Her announcement to Zelda (Miranda Otto) that she would be moving out (well, moving out of their shared bedroom at least) clearly shook her overbearing sister. Following the nightmare which sleep demon Batibat plagued her with, it’s clear that Zelda is terrified of losing her sister.

5. Who was Ambrose’s mentor?

As a teenager, Sabrina’s cousin and everyone's new heartthrob Ambrose (played by Chance Perdomo) spent his time attending Oxford, before practising "magic with Houdini" and "painting with expressionists" — casual — in order to find meaning in his otherwise *dull* existence.

He finally found inspiration thanks to a charismatic “young Crowley" (probably a reference to the British occultist, Aleister Crowley). The friendship led to Ambrose participating in his new friend’s plot to blow up the Vatican. Ambrose was caught and punished — hence his house arrest — but he refused to give up his co-conspirators. So who exactly is this “young Crowley”? Fingers crossed we find out.

6. How did Sabrina’s parents die?

A whole season later and we still don’t have an answer as to how exactly Sabrina’s parents died (no one’s buying Zelda’s plane crash excuse), despite suspicions being cast as early as episode one. Could Sabrina’s father, a powerful high priest, have tried — and failed — to challenge the Dark Lord?

Like father like daughter…

7. What makes Sabrina so special?

Despite her links to the high priesthood through her father, there’s got to be something else that makes Sabrina so powerful. Satan even sent his right-hand woman to keep tabs on her. Are Zelda and Hilda still concealing something from Sabrina about her past?

8. What’s going to happen to Blackwood’s baby daughter?

Aunt Zelda’s going to need all the luck she can get if she can keep Father Faustus Blackwood’s first-born daughter — older sister and twin to his son, Judas — a secret from him. And what about Blackwood’s illegitimate daughter and Queen Weird Sister, Prudence, who we’re pretty sure saw Zelda when she hid the baby? Will she keep her half-sister a secret? If Blackwood finds out that there’s a baby girl out there with the power to usurp Judas, he won’t be best pleased.

9. Can Sabrina see her friends again?

Now we come to Sabrina’s main strength — and weakness, as Madam Satan discovered: her love for Harvey and her friends, Roz and Susie.

In putting their lives in danger, Madam Satan exploited Sabrina’s loyalty to them, forcing her to ultimately sign the Book of the Beast and with it, cutting her ties to the mortal world.

But surely this won’t be the last we see of the three of them? After all, they all have ties of their own to the supernatural world: Harvey and his witch hunter ancestors/dead zombie brother; Roz and her mysterious ‘cunning’; and Susie and her ghostly visions (although we’re still not 100 per cent sure whether those weren’t Madam Satan in disguise)...

Looks like we're just going to have to wait for season two to put us all out of our misery.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two is expected to be released on Netflix in 2019