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When will there be a new series of Robot Wars?

Robots take charge this Christmas with two celebrity festive specials – but will there be more metal on metal action in 2017?

Published: Wednesday, 28th December 2016 at 7:30 pm

Robot Wars made its long-awaited return earlier this year, but already it's become a festive staple, with two Christmas specials airing in 2016.


And, yes, it's great to see celebrities indulging in a spot of mechanical midwinter madness, but really it's only teasing Robot Wars fans who want a full series on BBC2.

So, will there be a rebooted Robot Wars series 2?

The answer? A resounding yes.

The BBC confirmed earlier in October that the Robot Wars revival would be back, with a new series expected to air in 2017.

According to the website advertising filming tickets, the new series was recorded at the beginning of December, with both the celebrity Christmas special version and the regular series filmed at the same time.


With filming already finished, Robot Wars will be back sooner than you can say pneumatic lifting scoop.


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