Welsh choir Côr Glanaethwy and Entity Allstars first acts into BGT final

Simon Cowell gutted as World Record Breaking dog act fails to make final and David Walliams's Golden Buzzer is also sent packing

After a suitably bonkers first semi-final the first two acts are through to this year’s Britain’s Got Talent final: Welsh choir Côr Glanaethwy and Alesha Dixon’s Golden Buzzer act, dance troupe Entity Allstars. 


Côr Glanaethwy were the first act to make it through to the final after winning the public vote, which saw more than one million votes cast. 

Entity Allstars then went up against young singer Henry Gallagher for the judges’ vote. David Walliams, while commending the dancers, admitted it was a tough thing for Henry to stand on stage and sing his own song (for the girl he has a crush on no less) so gave his vote to the singer. Alesha naturally backed her Golden Buzzer act, with Amanda Holden joining her. This left the vote in Mr Cowell’s hands. He admitted he didn’t want to vote – “Do I have to?” – before apologising to Henry and sending the dancers through to this Sunday’s final. 

But having to make that decisions wasn’t the toughest part of the results show for Cowell. He was seen dropping his head onto the judges’ desk in dismay after Cally the balloon popping dog failed to make it through to the final. She’d just broken a Guinness World Record and Cowell had hoped to see her challenge her US counterpart at balloon popping. A spin-off final perhaps, Simon? 

Walliams had a tough night too after his Golden Buzzer act Lorraine Bowen placed fourth in the viewer votes, her song about space not quite hitting the right note with fans. Hopefully she’s got a crumble in the oven to cheer herself up…

Here’s the full set of results from tonight:

9th place: Ruby Red (dancers)

8th place: Andrew Flemming (impressionist)

7th place: Billy and Emily (roller skaters)

6th place: Becky O’Brien (singer)

5th place: Mitch and Cally ‘The Wonderdog’ (balloon popping)

4th place: Lorraine Bowen (singer and David Walliams’s Golden Buzzer)

3rd place: Henry Gallagher (singer)

2nd place: Entity Allstars (dancers and Alesha Dixon’s Golden Buzzer)

1st place: Côr Glanaethwy (choir)


The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals continue through to Friday on ITV