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Cally 'The Wonderdog' sets new Guinness World Record on Britain's Got Talent

BGT dog is officially the world champ for balloon-popping and a US pup wants to challenge her if she makes it to the final

Published: Monday, 25th May 2015 at 7:50 pm

A brand new Guinness World Record has just been set on Britain's Got Talent by.... a dog.


Yep, Cally 'The Wonderdog' has just bagged the world record for popping a hundred balloons in the fastest time: 41.67 seconds. 

She beat the current US record of 44.9 seconds, which was held by a canine competitor called Anastasia. An official Guinness World Record rep was on standby to decide whether the whole thing was official or not – this is serious stuff, after all – and Cally was presented with a giant metal belt when her new record was confirmed. That will make her the talk of the local park, won't it?

Cally failed to break the record in her original audition but the judges gave her a second chance. She's been in training ever since. Owner Mitch kept her on a diet of chicken and rice while she practised on the beach and in the park. 

And it seems Cally has caught the attention of her US-based rival. Evidently delighted by the record Simon Cowell revealed that – if Cally makes the final – Anastasia's daughter will wag her tail over to the UK to challenge her in a balloon-popping competition. It's like Rocky all over again, isn't it?

Check out Cally in action in her first audition:


The Britain's Got Talent semi-finals continue all week on ITV


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