Simon Cowell returned to the X Factor live shows last week, just in time to announce ANOTHER major format change - and then change his mind about it.

We thought we were going to be waving goodbye to FOUR contestants in week three, with two acts going home on Saturday evening and two more saying so long on Sunday night, but Mr Cowell said it wouldn't be fair to boot so many people out this early on and decided that only TWO acts will leave the competition this weekend.

So who'll be going home at the end of George Michael Week? And who'll have what it takes to survive and sing another day?

Take a look through the weekend's performances and decide for yourself...

Sunday night's show


Alisah Bonaobra

Song: Praying for Time - George Michael

The judges said: Louis said Alisah had come out like a little Filipino tigress and picked the perfect song. "When you sing you open up and your heart and your soul just pour out - beautiful, stunning performance", Nicole added.

"I knew you were going to sing that song well, you have an amazing voice" said Simon but he couldn't help but add that he felt there was "too much cream in the coffee". Mr Cowell said he didn't think she'd nailed her version of a song yet and was heading for a job singing at wedding, much to Louis Walsh's horror. Mentor Sharon said Alisah hadn't had her moment yet but praised her performance and said there was nothing wrong with doing things the old fashioned way. "You do what you do" she told her act with pride.

Grace Davies

Song: I Can’t Make You Love Me - George Michael

The judges said: "You are a true artist" said Louis who complemented Grace on her a capella start. "It was just you and the song, you're amazing." Nicole said she loved how Grace stripped the song back. The a capella intro was a big hit with Simon Cowell too, who said she massively improved on last week's performance. "You had a very tough week this week," said Sharon, who praised her act for picking herself up and ploughing ahead with the competition.

Rai-Elle Williams

Song: They Won’t Go When I Go - George Michael / Stevie Wonder

The judges said: "You picked the perfect song" said Louis, who praised her for making the song her own. "You took us to church tonight with that performance" said Nicole, adding that she thought Rai-Elle would be a "force to be reckoned with in just a few years". Simon said the teenager gave "the best performance of the night" because her performance was "real".

Sharon praised Rai-Elle for choosing the song herself and bringing her friends to sing in the choir alongside her. The mentor told her act she was "a very special young artist".

Holly Tandy

Song: One More Time - George Michael

The judges said: Louis praised Holly for her "best vocal performance yet". Nicole said the 16-year-old singer should be "very proud". Simon criticised the set-up on stage and said he thought Holly needed to be 16 as it would work better for her. Mentor Sharon shot down Mr Cowell's comments, saying her act was singing the song for her dad and praising the teenager for her efforts.


Sam Black

Sam Black on The X Factor 2017
Sam Black on The X Factor 2017 (ITV Pictures, FT)

Song: I’m Your Man! - Wham!

The judges said: Sharon said Sam's performance was a bit "pitchy" and Nicole said she had to agree. "It was a bit rushed, it was a bit off on the pitch" she said as Louis squealed "WHAT?" from the corner. "You're a very nice guy, I like you a lot and i liked your film," Simon began before telling Sam that Louis should have directed him to do something different with the song. "I'm feeling really bad for you Sam, because I don't think he has helped you at all. That's what I call karaoke."

"He worked so hard all week, he has no confidence this guy and now you've knocked it out of him totally" a furious Louis told the panel, backing his act.

Lloyd Macey

Song: A Different Corner - George Michael

The judges said: A tearful Sharon Osbourne said Lloyd's performance made her miss George so much and thanked him for his performance. "Lloyd, you got me tonight" said Nicole, who told him he'd given the performance of the night. "That voice, it's effortless. It was beautiful", she added. "That is a really difficult song to sing and boy did you sing it well" said Simon, who added that he was still a little too stilted when he performed.

"You are a very special person, I love your voice, I love working with you and NOW I'M CRYING LIKE HER", mentor Louis shouted.

Saturday night's show



Song: Faith - George Michael

The judges said: "What a way to open George Michael week, I love it” said Nicole who said the boys were “bridging the gap” between the old and the new with their original rap, which sampled the George Michael classic. She praised the band for keeping the "the integrity of the song” and told them they'd done a “beautiful job”.

“Every week it gets better and better” said Louis. “You make it look so easy and I know how hard you work behind the scenes.” And Sharon Osbourne said she "really enjoyed it". "I just love the fact that as George said he hoped his catalogue would go on for generations to come and here we are with another generation” she added.

“What you did says everything about who you are” said mentor Simon Cowell. “You’re current, you’re relevant. There’s something very infectious about you guys. I do believe, I don’t want to jinx this, I think we’re watching stars being born in front of us.”

More like this

Jack and Joel

Jack and Joel on The X Factor 2017
Jack and Joel on The X Factor 2017 (ITV Pictures, FT)

Song: The Edge of Heaven (Wham!)

The judges said: "You didn't sound amazing, you sounded Wham-azing" said Nicole. "You're like a modern day Wham, I suppose" said Louis, who thought the boys had a great future in television. "It really suited you" said Sharon of the song choice, "really, well done". Mentor Simon, who seemed to forget the boys were up next and lambasted them the week before, said the performance was "the best we've seen from you so far".

The Cutkelvins

The Cutkelvins on The X Factor 2017

Song: Killer / Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone (George Michael)

The judges said: After giving the band a standing ovation Nicole told the group they "looked fantastic and sounding amazing". "Your father would be so proud of you watching that because it was your best performance yet", said Louis. "Your mum told you in the video to slam it and you slammed it tonight" said Sharon, "it was just great". "Something clicked tonight" said Simon. "This was great."

Sean and Conor Price

Sean and Conor Price on The X Factor

Song: Freedom! ‘90 (George Michael)

The judges said: "I love that I got to hear your vocals this week" said Nicole who added that they boys were "just a breath of fresh air". Louis said he loved the fact that the boys were "real" and wants everyone to vote for them. Sharon praised the pair for their enthusiasm and said the performance was "really well done". Simon told the boys that they reminded him of his dogs Squiddly and Diddly (no, really), because you never know what they're going to do next. He said the first half of the performance was "all over the place" but improved in the second half and he hoped the audience would pick up the phone and vote for them.


Matt Linnen

Matt Linnen on The X Factor 2017

Song: Careless Whisper - George Michael

The judges said: “You just pulled the cat out of the bag with that” said Simon, who described Matt's performance as “ballsy and by far the best you’ve ever done so far”. Louis agreed, telling Matt that he "picked one of George’s most iconic songs and turned it into a big rock ballad. Your greatest vocal performance!”

"That version was rockin!” said Sharon who added that she loved the grittiness in Matt's voice. She said she could still feel a little bit of insecurity with Matt as an artist. “I know, I’m a bitch" she told the crowd when they booed her "but listen, you just need to feel more comfortable.”

“I’m so proud of you, you came out like a superhero tonight” said mentor Nicole. “I want you to sing for your boys every week!”

Kevin Davy White

Kevin Davy White on The X Factor 2017
Kevin Davy White on The X Factor 2017 (ITV Pictures, FT)

Song: Fastlove Part 1 - George Michael

The judges said: "That was by far the best performance of the night" said Simon Cowell who praised everything from the creative to the look and the sound. "Respect to you" added Cowell, who said Davy White had definitely had "a moment". "You're not in the fame game" said Louis, who praised Davy White for his love for the music. "Everything was perfect" added Sharon Osbourne, you just have to agree it's the performance of the night". "It was one of the best performances I've ever witnessed on this stage" said mentor Nicole.