The X Factor: 5 singers who were shockingly dumped at Bootcamp

From Jodie Woolcott to Daniel Quick, these are the singers we were very surprised to see eliminated so early on

Jodie Woolcott X Factor

We know The X Factor is brutal.


Hundreds of singers are whittled down at Bootcamp as dreams are dashed and those not deemed good enough are booted out ahead of the Six Chair Challenge.

This year, the judges seemed to mostly make the right decisions for who to save and who to eliminate. But some of their suggestions were frankly baffling.

Here are five singers who were (in our opinion) unjustly given a big fat ‘no’ at Bootcamp, and should definitely have been sent sailing through to the next round.

1. Jodie Woolcott

It would be an understatement to say that Jodie perhaps wasn’t the most popular contestant that X Factor has ever seen.

The 21-year-old from Bognor Regis was given her marching orders from the show after her incredibly confident performance of Meghan Traynor’s Me Too.

“At the end of the day, it’s a competition, and your friends at Bootcamp are your competition,” she told the cameras. “If you want world domination as a popstar, you need to show them who you are as an artist. I want to make sure the judges are looking at me and only me.” This was all after she’d called some of her fellow competitors her “backing dancers”…

She lacked humility, came across as arrogant, was more than a bit irritating… and therefore was everything you wanted in a classic X Factor contestant. Ditching her so early was a big mistake as she drew a lot of conversation about the show and she’d have made TV gold at Six Chair Challenge and Judges’ Houses.

2. Sam Black

Sam Black had ‘live show finalist’ written all over him. So why didn’t he make the cut? We’re still scratching our heads about the decision to send him home at Bootcamp.

He had it all – good looks, tons of talent and a unique, original voice. Instead of trotting out another Ed Sheeran song at his first audition, he instead sang Runaround Sue and showcased his versatility and vintage vocals.

He struggled in the first stage of Bootcamp, but managed to scrape through the group performance to sing solo for the judges. He chose to perform Runaway by Del Shannon – again, another interesting choice of song. After he was asked to sing it a cappella we were convinced he’d done enough to take him through to Six Chair Challenge.

Shockingly, after being told by Simon Cowell that “people will really like you”, he was told he was going home. It was a strange decision, and Simon was no doubt kicking himself after Sam became a talking point when he proposed to his girlfriend on the stage

3. Daniel Quick

Daniel Quick on The X Factor

It was a bit of a shocker when Simon Cowell told Daniel Quick that he didn’t think he was ready for The X Factor and that he wouldn’t be making it past Bootcamp.

Up until that point, we were sure he would get at least as far as Six Chair Challenge. His voice was pretty unexpected and his powerful rendition of Your Song in his first audition has so far racked up 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Despite pleading to be given a second chance from Simon Cowell following his performance of Feeling Good at Bootcamp, Daniel was given an unequivocal no by the judge.

He had explained that he was suffering from some vocal and throat issues, and arguably his audition at Bootcamp wasn’t his best. But given a different song and after having had some vocal rest, we’re in no doubt that Daniel could have blown everyone away. It’s a real shame he was sent packing so early.

4. Rebecca Grace

Despite pondering this quite a bit, we have no idea where Rebecca Grace went wrong during her time on The X Factor.

Every performance the 20 year old delivered was brilliant. When she sang Piece by Piece in her first audition, Nicole Scherzinger was almost moved to tears. It was a faultless rendition with a voice that was both soulful and distinctive, easily one of the best amongst the girls this year.

Even when she was given a tricky Beyoncé song for a group performance at Bootcamp she absolutely nailed it. Singing Love On Top, her voice stood out amongst the others – and she was arguably even better than Deanna who did make it through.

Poor Rebecca looked as stunned as the rest of us and was left in tears after being told no. Can’t say we blame her – we don’t know what more she could’ve done and think the judges made a huge error in letting her go.

5. Jordan Rabjohn

The X Factor loves a character. And that’s exactly what Jordan Rabjohn brought to the party. He also bought mini maracas for the judges so they could play along with his first audition.

His original song Mexico went down a storm, and it is honestly one of the catchiest tunes we’ve heard in a long time (the jury’s probably still out on whether it’s actually any good or not, but it’s certainly catchy…)

From his previous auditions, it looked as though Jordan was being lined up to be one of the main stars of the show, ready to bring out even more of his daft tunes and even more daft shirts to the series.

But then he was ejected at Bootcamp. Why? Who knows. He chose to perform another one of his songs called Souvenir, and although it wasn’t the best thing we’ve ever heard, it definitely wasn’t the worst. Yet despite having a great voice, the judges were incredibly dismissive of his self-penned track and promptly ditched him.


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