X Factor fans were delighted to see ‘arrogant’ Jodie Woolcott served a slice of humble pie

The 21-year-old crashed out after a performance of Meghan Traynor's Me Too

Jodie Woolcott X Factor

Model Jodie Woolcott was given her marching orders on the X Factor last night after rubbing fellow contestants the wrong way with with her self-focused attitude – and viewers couldn’t hide their delight.


The 21-year-old from Bognor Regis was brimming with self-confidence as she took to the stage to perform Meghan Traynor’s Me Too, telling Simon Cowell that she had picked the song because “if I was you, I’d want to be me too”, which drew this look from the X Factor veteran:

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Her on-stage patter was met with similar looks from audience members, and when her performance ended, Nicole Sherzinger delivered the definitive blow: “I don’t think that was the right song, there was no fun in it. This is it, this is the end of the road.” Check out her performance below.

Fans on Twitter felt that the singer had been ‘bullying’ her fellow contestants – Woolcott, in an act of Machiavellian self-preservation, had refused to share lines with fellow contestant Liaa as they prepared a group performance of Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson’s Symphony.

“At the end of the day, it’s a competition, and your friends at bootcamp are your competition”, she told the cameras. “If you want world domination as a popstar, you need to show them who you are as an artist. I want to make sure the judges are looking at me and only me.”

Check out some of Twitter’s hottest takes on her departure below.

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