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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: week three - as it happened

From Ed Balls' seriously green Samba and Claudia's cracking Charleston, to Danny Mac's divine moves and Ore's smooth rain dance, all the Movie Week action you might have missed

Published: Saturday, 15th October 2016 at 5:15 pm

There was high drama in the Strictly ballroom as the dance off was cancelled and Melvin was sent packing - will Saturday night at the movies prove to be another thriller?


Judge Rinder's set to meet the Flitstones and Ed Balls will take on The Mask, so there's never been a better time to nab the popcorn and settle in with the Strictly live blog….

20.45pm And that's it from is on the Strictly sofa. It's been QUITE the night of thrills and spills on the Strictly dance floor, but we'll go to bed with visions of Ed Balls dancing in our heads.



20.44pm Here's how the leader board looks after Movie Week

20.42pm A 7 from Craig, 8 from Darcey, 8 from Len and 8 from Bruno give Kevin and Louise 31 points

20.40pm Bruno says Louise "passed the audition" and took him back to the 80s.

Craig loved the routine, save for a few issues.

"Every time you're given a style, you make the most of it" says Darcey, who thought she did a great job.

Len's equally full of praise.

We're still thinking about Robert Webb.

20.37pm There's only ONE Flashdance routine for us. And it's Robert Webb's.

20.35pm A 4 (really?) from Craig, 6 from Darcey, and two 7s from Len and Bruno give Ed a smokin' 24

But P-A-R-T-WHY? will Ed not stop saying SOMEBODY STOP ME?

20.32pm "You're not the best dancer, but you're definitely the most fun" says Len.

"There's been a resurgence for the Green Party" says Bruno, who really rather liked it.

"I can't quite believe what I've just been witness to" says Craig. "It was driven but devoid, sadly, of any samba bounce."

Darcey says she couldn't take her eyes off Ed. "You've definitely embodied the character".

20.31pm ED BALLS, ladies and gentlemen.

20.24pm Darcey thinks Tameka did a great dance on the whole but had some issues with her top line.

"Full of attack and intent and focus" says Len, who thinks Tameka needs to "lift it to shift it" when it comes to her posture.

'No doubt who's in charge there" says Bruno. "I thought you were leading at times actually" says Bruno. "Just make sure the posture... correct that, but I thought your performance was brilliant."

Craig says Tameka needs to make more of a V shape but thinks she covered the floor aggressively. "Wonderful, darling."

20.26pm 6,7,7 and 8 gives Tameka and Gorka 28 points

20.22pm The heat is certainly ON for Tameka and Gorka. We kinda wish they'd danced this to the Crazy Frog remix of Axel Foley's theme though.

20.19pm Four 9s send Claudia and AJ right up to joint top position on the leaderboard

20.17pm A SUPER energetic dance from Claudia and AJ - will they end up with pies in their faces?

Craig thinks it was technically brilliant, Darcey thinks it was outstanding and Len says "what a marvellous combination of clever choreography, slick trips and slapstick".

"No soggy bottoms around here" adds Bruno, who says they went "off like a rocket".

20.13pm Four 8s give Greg and Natalie a smashing 32

20.09pm "Forget about Prince of Thieves, you are Prince Charming" says Bruno, who loved their connection.

Craig loves the partnership, Darcey wasn't as keen on the lifts but loved the rest of the routine.

"There was lovely chemistry, I loved the air of romance" says Len, who can't resist adding that "it was a bullseye".

Everyone has something to say about Greg's bottom.

20.08pm Talk about a CHOON for Greg and Natalie.

SIXTEEN weeks at number one for this'un.

Louise Redknapp is basically #hairgoals this eve. Those who appreciate a fine head of hair will get it.

Here's hoping Gorka doesn't keep Ore off the dance floor.

5.08pm Here's your sneak peek at Brendan in action* choreographing tonight's routine...

And a first look at tonight's professional dance number*.

* may not be representative of fact, but rather figment of live blogger's twisted imagination

5.05pm Brendan Cole and Anastacia are dancing to a song from Twilight tonight.

So why is he quoting Austin Powers' Dr Evil, and looking a LOT like Lord Voldemort?

4.55pm It's been a busy week for the celebs and pros, as they attempted to make their routines motion picture perfect.

Ed Balls was fierce busy strutting his stuff with Katya Jones.

He's slightly worried they'll paint his face green...

4.50pm Here's a taster of the movie action you can expect on the dance floor tonight!

4.15pm Movie Week has given us many Strictly gems throughout the years but, being Irish, my personal highlight has to be Daniel O'Donnell's Grease inspired Cha Cha.

Here's how wee Daniel did it...

And here's how it's supposed to be done:

Here's how to Cha Cha like a Strictly pro

Twitter absolutely loved Daniel and Kristina's Summer Nights spectacular, and drew immediate parallels with another beloved Irish figure.

Who cares that it wasn't perfect? Who cares that he was 10th on the leaderboard by the end of the night.

He had his fun, and that's all that matters.

4.00pm Are you all set for a Strictly Movie Week party? It's always one of the most action packed shows of the Strictly season.

Last year, Jay McGuiness earned his first ten for THAT sensational Pulp Fiction jive in week three.

There'll be plenty of opportunities to show 'em the old razzle dazzle tonight too, with Judge Rinder dancing to a tune from The Flintstones, Daisy Lowe taking a spoonful of sugar for her quickstep with Aljaz and Ed Balls channelling The Mask for his samba.

Speaking of The Mask, remember when Nicky Byrne and Karen Clifton brought him to the ballroom for Hollywook Week back in 2012? That was also week three, funnily enough.

After last week's dramatic finale – the cancelled dance off and Melvin Odoom's exit - the stage is set for quite the evening.

With T minus 2 hours and 45 mins to go, here's everything you need to know about tonight's show...


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