Melvin’s exit, Anastacia’s injury and no dance-off: was this the most controversial Strictly results show ever?

Twitter didn't know what to think about the first Strictly Come Dancing results show


Well, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a weekend of Strictly Come Dancing live shows end with so much controversy.  Why?


It all started normally enough, with Melvin and Anastacia finding themselves in the bottom two after the judges and viewer votes were combined. However, Anastacia picked up an injury, which led to one phrase Twitter really didn’t want to see: no dance-off.

However, we said it was a controversial decision, didn’t we? There were also many who thought injured singer Anastacia was right to ke(eee)ep dancing next week.

The first results show wasn’t just about Melvin and Anastacia though. Some people were blown away with the other main news of the night: Ed Balls is still in.


It’s movie week up next on Strictly, on Saturday 8th October at 6:45pm and Sunday 9th October at 7:15pm on BBC1