It was the Halloween special tonight and the judges deemed Claudia and Laura the best of the bunch, and Ed Balls was... something else. Get the lowdown on this week's antics in our live blog below....


8:22pm That's it from us tonight, catch the results show tomorrow night on BBC1 at 7:15pm!

8:20pm Time to get voting... who did you think was the most spooktacular? Here is tonight's leaderboard to help you decide.

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8:15pm Dressed as mad scientists, Ed and Katya did the Cha Cha and got 4,7,7,8 - that's 26.

The audience went ballistic. It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Craig couldn't stop laughing. Len said it wasn't "natural" - he is correct.

8:07pm 8,8,8,9 - that's 33 for Daisy and Aljaz who impressed the judges with their Paso Doble. They were channeling Day of the Dead, props to the make-up artist it looked great.

7:58pm 4,7,7,8 - that's 26 for silver fox Greg and Natalie who did the Rumba. A few tears from Natalie after Craig criticised her choreography which made us sad.

7:50pm Ore and Joanne got 6,8,9,9 - that's 32 for their Charleston

7:42pm Ore's old look...

Ore's new look...

7:40pm Laura and Giovanni did the Tango and nailed it... 9,9,9,9.

Darcy: "I think it was your best dance!"

Len: "Darcy's right, your best dance, no question."

7:32pm 7,8,7,8 - that's 30 for Danny a.k.a Pierce Brosnan and Oti who did the Foxtrot... attached by a ribbon the WHOLE time. The ribbon concept was awesome - but led them to make some mistakes.

The judges loved the concept from Oti, and Craig even said it would have been a 10 without the stumbles.

7:24pm Anastacia and Brendan did the Jive to Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf. 4,7,7,7 - that's 25. A harsh 4 from Craig who said it was "sluggish".

Her make up is so cool, it's an 8 from me.

7:16pm 9,9,9,9 - that's 36 (!!!) for Claudia and AJ who danced the American Smooth and channeled Wicked.

Darcy: "Beautifully smooth."

Bruno: 'Oh my little witch. There is absolutely nothing nasty about you."

7:08pm Judge Rinder and Oksana did the Paso Doble and scored 8,8,8,8 - 32.

Craig said it was "Silence of the Lambs... in a good way." Right.

7pm Louise as Harley Quinn and Kevin as The Joker wowed the judges with their Charleston getting 8,9,9,9 - a total of 35.

Meanwhile Len really suits the cape. Looks like it was just something he threw on. Count Len. Brilliant.

6:42pm Who's excited for the Pete Burns tribute dance tonight? We certainly are...

6:35pm Need a refresher of how frightfully good (and bad) the Halloween outfits have been over the years? Well we've compiled them all for your viewing pleasure here.

6:17pm Craig last year... Good times.


Here's everything you need to know about tonight's show which starts on BBC1 at 6:45pm...