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Stormy Daniels pulls out of live Loose Women appearance – but gives her side of the CBB no show story

In a bizarre twist, the adult film star conducts an interview off-screen that's relayed to the audience by a breathless Jane Moore rather than appearing alongside the presenters

Published: Monday, 20th August 2018 at 12:40 pm

Stormy Daniels has dramatically pulled out of a scheduled live appearance on Loose Women, the day after she failed to take part in the Celebrity Big Brother launch show.


The interview on the ITV daytime chat show – which was publicised only moments before the broadcast went on air – was billed to include Daniels' explanation for her absence from the Channel 5 reality show, as well as discussion of her alleged affair with US President Donald Trump.

The cancellation of Daniels' appearance was announced by Loose Women's lead presenter Kaye Adams minutes before she was due to appear and instead the American adult film star gave her interview backstage to presenter Jane Moore who, after running back up to the studio, relayed Daniels' account of events.

Explaining that she had only heard Daniels' side of the story and not Channel 5's, Moore recounted Daniels' claim that she had to pull out of CBB because of a “custody development” in America concerning her daughter.

Slightly breathless from running back up the stairs, Moore said: “The joys of live television. I've just had a really nice, long, lovely chat with Stormy in the dressing room, I took a picture to prove she's actually in the building.

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"So this is obviously her side of the story. She says that late last night she was due to go on Celebrity Big Brother. Late last night, and she showed me the emails on her phone, there was a custody development involving her daughter in America. She's in the middle of a divorce.

“All she wants to say is there was a custody development – she showed me the official email proving that – and she suddenly thought, ‘I've got this situation, I can't commit.’

"She said, ‘Being a mother comes first.’”

Daniels also claimed, according to Moore, that she had wanted to take part in the CBB launch show to explain to viewers why she was pulling out but that Channel 5 had refused, saying “we don't want you to do any of it”.

“When she left America, she thought everything was sorted," Moore explained, adding that, according to Daniels, Channel 5 had originally given the go-ahead to her appearance on last night's live broadcast: "That was all agreed, she says. And then suddenly it wasn't and they said we don't want you to do any of it.

“Obviously Channel 5, I haven't had a chance to speak to Channel 5, so I don't know what their side of the story is. Needless to say, it's now become a legal situation, lawyers are talking to lawyers, and so [Daniels] has been told she can’t come on and talk to us. But she's furious. She wants to be sitting here in this chair."

Moore also said that Daniels refutes the reports by various tabloids that she pulled out of CBB because she wasn’t being offered a big enough fee for her involvement.

“She says also the stories about her asking for more money are complete rubbish.

"She says whatever she was going to be paid for the live show, and again she showed me another email with that in, she was going to donate to charity."

Asked if she might still make an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother – or Loose Women – Moore said: “If I put it this way, she's very angry. She's feeling as though she's had her power taken away from her. She wants to come on – obviously because there are all these contracts ongoing, etc – but she also says, and again this is her side of the story, that two plane tickets were bought for her to leave the country at 8:30 this morning. She didn't buy these plane tickets. They were bought for her but she hasn't obviously got on that flight.”

Clearly taken aback, Loose Women’s host Adams finished up the segment with: “I’m sorry folks but there you go, that’s live television for you.”

Channel 5 have released a statement in response to Daniels' comments: "We note the comments from the transmission of Loose Women on ITV earlier today. Stormy Daniels was booked to appear on the show several months ago and hours before the show was due to go live, informed the production team that she no longer wished to enter the house as previously agreed.


"Producers discussed a variety of options with her but were unable to agree any acceptable conditions for her entering the house. Our focus is now on making a brilliant series with our fantastic celebrities."


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