All eyes are on the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, as he goes for another gold medal at the men's 100m final, undeterred by a recent hamstring injury. Today might also be Team GB's first olympic gold in gymnastics with Max Whitlock and Louis Smith ready to claim the prize.


Andy Murray is likewise anticipated to dominate the men's singles event, and top rider Jason Kenny is looking to be a multi-cycling gold medallist. Other events today are wrestling, boxing, athletics, sailing, and fencing among others.

See the bottom of the page for a guide to every single gold up for grabs today, plus our Must Watch, the women's marathon. And take a look at the rest of our Olympics coverage here.

Tennis: Men's Singles

4pm BBC4

London 2012 was the event that sparked a golden year for Andy Murray: Olympic gold, US Open title, his first Wimbledon title. The Olympics have always meant a huge amount to him. He loved going to Beijing in 2008, but, by his own admission, took his eye off the ball in terms of preparation and lost in the first round. In London, he was ruthless. He didn’t stay in the Athletes’ Village; he won’t again in 2016. It might be less fun, but the fun for Andy comes in competing for his country. Russell Fuller

Gymnastics: Men’s Pommel Horse

7:30pm BBC1

We could see British gymnastics’ first ever Olympic gold today. Max Whitlock and Louis Smith are in a straight shootout for the pommel horse title. One factor is that, come the final, Louis might have done only four different routines. But Max, who is in the team events, could have done more than 20. If I was Max, I’d be thinking Louis had it easy. Craig Heap

Cycling: Men’s Sprint

9:04pm BBC1

Tonight’s individual sprint finals will be a huge challenge for Britain’s Jason Kenny — but the way the Olympic champion handles pressure is unbelievable. Think back four years: Chris Hoy was the defending Olympic champion, looking to replicate his Beijing performance and win three gold medals. But the British team said no: Kenny would ride the individual sprint, and Hoy would only ride the keirin and the team sprint. Decision made, only a gold medal was going to be good enough. That’s how much pressure Kenny was under — and he nailed it. He’s still among the top riders in the world, despite a rocky few years. He’s only 28, and has a great chance of becoming Olympic champion again. Jill Douglas

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Wrestling: Greco-Roman

9:30pm Redbutton+/online

It may look like the most basic sport of the Games, but the ancient sight of hand-to-combat hides very modern attention to detail. The aim of both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling is to pin your opponent to the floor by the shoulders. Wrestlers also earn points for specific moves — a "five-point takedown" is the most impressive, when a wrestler throws their opponent so smartly that their feet go above their head. Wrestlers can't talk during a bout — no sledging here — and they're also forbidden to do anything "with the intention of torturing the opponent" — the rule book's words, not ours. That means genital grabbing, hair-pulling, and all the other usual playground tactics. Bouts consists of two rounds of three minutes each. If there's no match-winning throw in that time, the wrestler with more points wins.

Athletics: Men’s 100m Final

2:25am BBC1

In Usain Bolt’s mind, for a number of years now, this has been his last Olympics. He’s not had an ideal run-in, picking up an injury to his hamstring so close to the Games. The problem was bad enough for him to go to Germany to consult Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, the doctor whom Bolt has relied on in the past. Bolt’s closest rival is Justin Gatlin [not alone among leading sprinters in being tainted by an association with drugs] and he knows that the American is a real threat. At a race I saw early this season, Bolt looked in great shape, much better than is usual at that stage. He’s taking nothing for granted. He wants the treble treble. Darren Campbell

Must Watch: Women's Marathon

Athletics: Women's Marathon 1:30pm BBC1

There’s been a men’s marathon at every modern Olympics, but women weren’t allowed to go the distance until 1984. Running was considered “too great a call on feminine strength”, as the New York Times put it in 1928. Between then and 1960, female athletes could race no further than 200m.

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Athletics Women's Marathon 1:30pm, Women's Triple Jump 12:55am, Men's 400m 2am, Men's 100m 2:25am Boxing Men's Light Flyweight 6:15pm Cycling Men's Sprint 9:04pm Women's Sprint 9:12pm Diving Women's 3m Springboard 8pm Fencing Men's Épée Team 10:30pm Gymnastics Men's Floor 6pm, Women's Vault 6:45pm, Men's Pommel Horse 7:30pm, Women's Uneven Bars 8:15pm Sailing Men's RS:X Windsurfer 5pm, Women's RS:X Windsurfer 6pm Shooting Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions 5pm Tennis Men's Singles 4pm, Women's Doubles 9pm, Mixed Doubles 12 midnight Weightlifting Women's +75kg 11pm Wrestling Men's 59kg 9:30pm, Men's 75kg 10:30pm


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