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Who is Jonny Mitchell? The Love Island contestant has been engaged before and will "do anything" on camera

When it comes to the girls, Jonny's tactic is to go for a "less pretty one" in the villa. Sigh

Published: Tuesday, 11th July 2017 at 8:55 pm

Love Island 2017 contestants: Jonny Mitchell


Age: 26

Twitter: @jonnyVmitchell

Instagram: jonny_mitchell1991

Occupation: Business Director (he's a shareholder in his dad's specialist care company that deals with supported housing for people)

From: Essex

Jonny came into the Love Island villa a few days late at exactly the same time as Chris.

He soon latched on to Camilla (not in a Craig-level creepy way, though) and it looked like the pair were going great guns. After initially finding the original lads wanting, it looked like there was finally a man for our Cam.

Well...not quite. A row about feminism exploded all over the kitchen like a blender without the lid put on properly. Both Jonny and Camilla couldn't see each other's point of view, she ended up in tears, then she bitched about him to the girls. He heard, she realised and then she ended up in even more tears over the whole debacle.

They split up but it looked like the pair were getting back on track when a Tyla-shaped bombshell descended on the villa. Camilla said she was worried - and she was right to be. Jonny's eye wandered and he set his sights on the new girl.

Everything was going pretty well (aside from the fact both Jonny and Tyla were voted two of the least popular islanders with the public...but we'll gloss over that) until the revelation that Tyla now seems to be getting cold feet over her relationship with Jonny.

Coincidentally it comes just as new boy Theo entered the villa, with Jonny squaring up to the Team GB athlete and getting all 'aggy' with him.

How did Jonny get on Love Island? He was scouted for the show after casting agents saw him on Instagram, and just a month ago he came in to meet producers. "I'm a normal human being - I don't post bad photos on Instagram," he tells us.

What is Jonny's relationship history like? Pretty serious. He previously dated a girl for five years and proposed to her.

Does his ex-fiance know he's going on the show? Nope. "I wasn't going to tell her about this," he told and other press.

Will Jonny have sex on camera? That seems like a given seeing as he said he "doesn't care" about what he's filmed doing. "I'll do anything," he explains. "I'll go all the way. I'll do what they want - I know what they'll show and what they won't show. Whatever's going to get better airtime. I'm joking!"

We don't think he's joking.

"Every guy in there would 100% have sex immediately on the first night. The girls will feel very differently about that I'm sure, so for me it's as and when."

Is Jonny after love? "I'm only sceptical about it because of the nature of reality TV," he explains. "I don't know how much in here is going to be legit. I mean, people in there are going to have a game plan. If I did genuinely meet someone in there and I felt it was real then yeah, why not. But I'm slightly sceptical about that sort of thing."

Despite that, he also says of his strategy going into the villa: "I wouldn't go for the best looking girl as she's probably going to leave you when a better looking geezer comes along.

"I'd go for the less pretty one as they're likely to latch on and stuck with you to the end. I want to be a cut above the rest and not let the testosterone fly around."

What will Jonny bring to the villa? "Hopefully I'll be able to bring a nice bit of comic relief," he tells us. "I am going on here to have a good time in general!"

Is he looking for a career in a reality TV show like TOWIE? "Everyone keeps on saying TOWIE to me for obvious reasons but I've heard from a lot of people that it does take up quite a lot of your schedule and it would require me to be in the country a lot so I don't know if that's a viable thing."


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.


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