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Who are Love Island: Aftersun DJs The Mac Twins?

DJs, Virgin Radio presenters and healthy eating advocates – is there anything these twins can't do?

The Mac Twins on Love Island: Aftersun
Published: Sunday, 8th July 2018 at 9:57 pm

Meet The Mac Twins: the identical duo and stars of Love Island: Aftersun who spin the decks with their killer tunes.


On Sundays, the siblings appear alongside Caroline Flack and celebrity guests on the ITV2 spin-off show, playing the tracks they what they want to hear.

But just who are the twins? And what do they do away from Love Island? Here's what you need to know:

Who are The Mac Twins?

The Macfarlane Twins, Lisa and Alana, are DJs, Virgin Radio presenters, and committed to their project The Gut Stuff, as advocates for living healthy lifestyle.

Having DJ’d for Simon Cowell at his annual ball, the women are not short of celeb contacts, but it's their appearance on Love Island: Aftersun that's taken their career to the next level.

They have a unique ability to connect with audiences, to make sure all their listeners have a good time. On Love Island: Aftersun, the twins play villa-worthy bangers to Caroline and guests, bringing the sunny island to the studio.

What do they do on Love Island: Aftersun?

The pair are in the studio every week playing the intro and exit music, as well as deciding which songs are played for the dumped islanders when they head onto the sofa to chat to Caroline.

What's The Gut Stuff?

They are known for DJing, but what makes the siblings special is that they do so much more. The twins are invested in finding the best ways to eat and even participated in a Kings College London trial which investigated different gut bacteria.

Gut bacteria impacts weight, health and happiness, so the Mac twins are keen to get everyone onboard the healthy eating train. It shouldn't be too hard – their Instagram meals are to die for...

How to tell them apart?

Now this is a tricky one, with both women changing up their near identical looks – the moment you've worked out Lisa has shorter hair, Alana goes for a trim. They look exactly the same, so it's their music taste that divides them. They frequently post song polls on their Instagram story so get voting Love Island fans and the next song's for you.


Love Island: Aftersun airs Sundays on ITV2

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