We all know that the roundtables can get pretty heated on The Traitors as the contestants vote for who they want to banish from the roundtable, under the belief that they are a Traitor and have been lying this whole time.


However, with episodes roughly about 60 minutes long and the roundtable taking up about 10 minutes of that time, naturally, we don't get to see it all.

Following their exit, The Traitors season two stars Zack and Jasmine revealed that the show's host Claudia Winkleman had to step in on one occasion, as things got tense between them at a roundtable.

Speaking about how emotional discussions can get on the show, Jasmine explained: "I think it's inevitable when someone is basically saying that you're one thing and you know for sure that you're not that you're going to feel some type of way about it.

A woman with braids stands in front of a castle wearing a white shirt with her arms crossed. There are two green hooded figures next to her
Jasmine. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

"I think that in a way everyone was really respectful. I don't think it ever got too crazy. The craziest moment actually was probably between me and Zack and that's it."

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Zack continued: "There were two hours that weren't shown in episode nine when we were just going at each other and arguing and, like, swearing at each other across around the round table and Claudia [stepped] in. It was intense."

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Jasmine added: "I do think other than that, I think we handled it really, really well.

"And it is really intense when your name does get called up at the roundtable, so however anyone reacts to that, like just the fact that you are just dealing with that situation is commendable enough, because it is really, really scary."

The Traitors season 2 finale airs on Friday 26th January at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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