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When are The Circle USA episodes released on Netflix?

The Circle USA season two is being released on Netflix weekly. Here's when you can expect the next episodes to arrive on the streaming site.

The Circle USA season two
Published: Friday, 16th April 2021 at 12:44 pm

Are you already hooked on the second season The Circle USA?


The first four episodes appeared on Netflix on Wednesday, 14th April, and featured the latest batch of players settling into their apartments and logging on to the unique social media app The Circle, under the watchful eye of presenter Michelle Buteau (and all the cameras around the place, of course).

This year's line-up includes a Brit – Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veitch - and Lisa Delcampo, who is NYSNC member Lance Bass's manager catfishing as him.

Along with the rest of The Circle USA season two cast they'll be competing to be the most popular person in the building (see where it is that The Circle USA is filmed).

Already alliances have been made and fake personalities have been created from the very first episode.

Things started to get interesting as a game of ‘Says Who’ kicked off proceedings, as each of the players heard facts about their fellow contestants and tried to guess who that fact belonged to.

By the end of episode four, two contestants had already been blocked, but there are many more surprises to come.

Here's when you can expect the next episodes to arrive.

When are the next episodes of The Circle USA on Netflix?

Fans of the The Circle will know that each season of the British version of the show has been shown daily on Channel 4 over a period of three weeks to increase the tension, but the broadcast of the US version is quite different.

The American version is filmed over a shorter period – 16 days – and the action/tears/arguments are turned into 13 episodes.

The reality series is shown on Netflix, where many shows drop all episodes at once, but this wouldn’t work for The Circle. Instead, a different approach was taken to keep the suspense of the series going – the episodes are spread over four weeks, beginning with the first four instalments of betrayal, flirting and scheming that were made available on Wednesday, 14th April.

The next collection of four episodes will follow on Wednesday, 21st April (episodes 5 to 8) and Wednesday 28th April (episodes 9 to 12), with the finale dropping on Netflix on Wednesday, 5th May.


The Circle USA season two is available to stream on Netflix. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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