Missed I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! days one and two? Catch up with our handy guide

Two episodes in, it’s not too late to join the jungle fun. From Gemma Collins’s bowel movements to Jimmy Bullard’s Bushtucker Trial, here’s what’s happened to the ten celebrity campmates so far…

If you’ve missed the first two instalments of this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and think it’s too late to catch up, fear not. With the England game on instead tonight we can get you up to speed with exactly why Craig Charles is knitting in the jungle and why no one seems too worried that Gemma Collins thinks she’s got malaria.


It’s series fourteen and things kicked off a little differently. Sure we’ve seen celebrities slung into ‘jungle jail’ before. Remember poor Gillian McKeith looking all forlorn in her stripey prison gear, pushing food around her tin bowl?

But this year, there was a new twist. Viewers were actually able to choose which half of the ten stars were to be sent into the ‘celebrity slammer’ before the series started.

In Group A was broadcaster Michael Buerk, rapper Tinchy Stryder, US TV personality Kendra Wilkinson, former professional footballer Jimmy Bullard and presenter Melanie Sykes. Group B was made up of Coronation Street actor Craig Charles, Allo’ Allo’ star Vicki Michelle, bike racing legend Carl Fogarty, model and singer Nadia Forde and TOWIE’s Gemma Collins.

Group B pulled the short straw and were helicoptered straight into the jungle. Apart from Gemma who demanded to be let out, before asserting that she was like the turtle and the slug and would win the slow race in the end…

Meanwhile, after an extra night of luxury, Group A were sent on their way to Croc Creek camp. but not before Tinchy and Michael Buerk decided to form this year’s most unexpected ‘bromance’ and worked on their very own handshake. It basically involves trying to click your fingers while holding the other’s hand. Not at the same time mind. That’s not how it works.

Entry into the jungle proved very different for both camps. Inhabitants of the celebrity slammer had to zip-wire in, which resulted in Nadia literally (and I mean literally) peeing herself.

Those heading to Croc Creek were split up, with most of the team sky diving in, while Melanie and Jimmy collected tiles with letters on them from inside boxes filled with jungle critters. Well, we say Jimmy. He sort of screamed and let Mel do the rest.

Now in camp and with the collected letters laid out to spell ‘Celebrity’, Group A were given the chance to save someone from the jungle jail. They opted to whip out Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty, who was then made to do the first Bushtucker Trial. He turned out to be so good at lying underground with snakes all over him that one was actually still in his pants minutes into his chat with Ant and Dec. “Make sure you get the right snake,” he told an expressionless ranger who wandered in without any shoes on, grabbed the snake and wandered back out.

Foggy was then given the options of taking his six stars worth of food back to his new campmates, or sending the grub to the jail. “The food comes with me,” he said, barely registering that there was actually a choice.

Back in the slammer, Gemma was sobbing, saying she couldn’t make it through the show, while worrying that her stomach was going to fall out from the hunger. She just wanted a ham sandwich and a packet of Quavers. Is that too much to ask? IS THERE NO GOD? In fact, Gemma’s now quite sure she’s got malaria. Oh, and her poo is fluorescent. No one appears to be in the least concerned, with host Ant joking, “I’m no doctor, but…”

In what is perhaps the only silver lining for the jail inmates, they don’t have to do the trials, with ‘free’ campmate Jimmy Bullard earning the second nomination. Jimmy faced a water-filled underground tunnel where he had  to collect stars from around the various critters. He was cool, calm and collected. He didn’t overreact in the slightest. Nope, not even when his bag touched his legs seconds after the trial kicked into action.

Jimmy came out with four stars, but chose to trade the meals for the freedom on another famous face banged up behind bars. Lucky Vicki Michelle was given the nod – and after a bit of an I’m-sad-to-leave-them sob – made her way to Croc Creek. Kendra was thanking her lucky stars it wasn’t Nadia, who she says will be too stunning in her bikini for her liking.

So, Gemma, Nadia and Craig have been left to amuse themselves. They tried their hand at a bit of knitting in order to earn some biscuits. Only Nadia managed enough rows to earn the treat. “Thank god for machines,” Gemma wailed, lobbing her collection of knots to one side to have another little sob about the impossibility of ever surviving three weeks in the jungle. Nadia made a new bikini out of whatever came to hand and Craig, feeling very much like he was becoming one of the girls, feared at any moment that he’d find himself having his nails painted.

After a break from the jungle antics for tonight’s football game, the show will return on Wednesday night. The jailed campers will get some brilliant news – they’re being set free and are on their way to camp… after spending a night in the bush bunker. Yes, it looks as horrible as it sounds. They can earn food for their new campers if they survive this bug-filled room of doom until dawn. But can they do it?

Tinchy Stryder will also face the next Bushtucker Trial, Chamber of Horror, which sounds just as unpleasant as the bush bunker.

It’s all fun and games, eh?


See I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Wednesday at 9:00pm on ITV