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Gemma Collins' most over the top I'm A Celebrity quotes

Does she have malaria? Is her stomach going to fall out? Is she really on the verge of dying? We present the jungle troubles of the TOWIE star...

Published: Monday, 17th November 2014 at 9:02 pm

Two days in to I'm A Celebrity, and TOWIE star Gemma Collins has been struggling with the tribulations (there have been no actual trials for her yet) of life in the Australian jungle.


Among her favourite subjects so far have been the lack of food (other than the three meals of porridge each day), the various illnesses she might be suffering from and the short amount of time she probably has left to live...

Day 2

"I think I’ve got malaria"

"I’m so hungry and dehydrated and on the verge of dying"

"If I see porridge ever again I’m gonna be so sick my whole stomach’s gonna fall out"

"I pledge I’m gonna never, ever, ever mention starving again" cut to the Bush Telegraph hut “As much as I'm starving…”


Day 1

"If they don’t give us a treat I’m gonna kill myself"


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