I’m A Celebrity: Ant and Dec’s best one-liners

Ten celebrities, one terrifying jungle, three weeks at our mercy… it just wouldn’t be the same without Ant and Dec’s laugh-out-loud interludes

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! goes hand in hand with presenters Ant and Dec. One just wouldn’t work without the other. Sure we may love voting for celebrities to eat blended up turkey testicles, but it really wouldn’t be the same without the Geordie duo giggling in the background.


They support, they poke fun, they genuinely seem to have a whole lot of fun watching yet another batch of celebs suffer the trials of life Down Under.

As this fourteenth series unfolds, with the camp playing host to (among others) broadcaster Michael Buerk, TOWIE‘s Gemma Collins and Allo’ Allo’ actress Vicki Michell, we’ll be collecting up the duo’s best one-liners.

Here’s our pick of the bunch so far…

When Jimmy and Jake started playing games, including long jump competitions, to cheer up camp:

“They’re good Jake and Jimmy. Exactly what this show needs, a good double act.”

During Kendra’s fourth task, which saw her unscrewing stars with her tongue:

“Quicker licking Kendra…” Dec encouraged.

When Kendra still wasn’t going that fast in the trial and wanted more time:

“Well, we’ve got to go for lunch Kendra,” laughed Dec.

Dec during Kendra’s third Bushtucker Trial

“Kendra, three quarters of your time has gone and you’ve made it to the bottom of the stairs.”

Dec on Gemma Collins leaving the jungle

“She did a bit of knitting, no one can take that away from her.”

Ant on why the ‘Celebrity Slammer’ is actually quite like Marbella

“Tell you what is like Marbella, the Celebrity Slammer, loads of bars and Brits passed out on the floor.”

Dec on what he dreams about, after Ant’s emotional and detailed description of his dreams about world peace…


The pair on what Gemma Collins can take away from her jungle experience:

“Air miles.”

Dec on why the snake that tried to bite Jimmy was so angry

“It was pulled out of Foggy’s shorts two days ago and since then Foggy hasn’t called, he hasn’t written, he hasn’t texted…”

Ant on Gemma Collins’ bowel movements

“She hasn’t got malaria. She hasn’t got malaria. I mean, I’m no doctor but fluorescent poo is not a good sign.”

Dec on Gemma and Craig’s unusual exercise method

“You too can do Gemma’s work-out at home. All you need is loosely fitting prison pyjamas, a small TV jail and Lloyd from Coronation Street.”

Ant and Dec on why former footballer Jimmy Bullard is a perfect fit for a stint in the jungle…

“A former Premiere League star who’s spent an entire career playing with balls – should come in handy on this show.”

Ant on model and singer Nadia Forde’s interesting experience on the zip-wire into camp… 

“What a way to arrive in the jungle, flying through the night with fear in your eyes, the wind in your hair and pee dribbling down your leg…”

Dec preparing for three weeks of finally having someone shorter than him – Tinchy Stryder – to poke fun at

“Do you know the best bit about the big book of short jokes? Stand on it and it makes you even taller.”

Dec was impressed by Gemma Collins’s thoughts on falling at the first hurdle and bowing out of the helicopter ride

“As she said, sometimes the slowest one wins in the end, it’s like the turtle and the, er, slug, or the horse and the rabbit, or whatever it is…”

And he was almost impressed by Craig Charles noting that “It’s a jungle out there” 

“10 out of 10 for observation there Craig…”

Ant on Kendra battling her fear of heights to sky dive into the jungle…


“Kendra said jumping out of the plane was the most terrifying experience of her life – and this is a woman who’s seen Hugh Hefner without his dressing gown on…”