Married at First Sight Australia is moving ever closer to the final commitment ceremony for the season five couples and the drama was ratcheting up as the couples were split up and then the newlyweds were paired off with other husbands and wives, strictly to give advice and insight of course!


The E4 reality show has been dominated by Dean Wells' exploits: first in his emotional deceit with the long gone Davina Rankin, but then in his various attempts to defend his misdemeanours, which were heavily criticised by Charlene Perrera.

Of course, it was odds-on that Charlene would be paired with Dean on advice night. It was written in the stars.

The Married at First Sight Australia producers knew there would be fireworks and it ignited immediately, especially when Dean said he wasn't ashamed of any of his behaviour.

Nope. Not having it one little bit, Deano.

Viewers, interestingly, weren't unanimously behind Charlene when she tried to force some humility out of the player, Dean. Her own marriage with Patrick Miller was having significant "intimacy" issues.

Charlene "really needs to sort her own [relationship] out before creating problems for other couples".

There's been a lot of love recently for Patrick's gently spoken approach, so when Charlene wailed "dude – be a fricking man!" her fan club dwindled even further.

Charlene's high-pitched, high-volume, high-maintenance personality had some viewers rushing to turn the volume down low.

OK. We feel there is a theme developing around Charlene. Someone has pulled the plug on her support.

Charlene didn't figure in the next episode teaser, which some viewers were very happy about.

Others were cynical about the romantic dates and whether or not the couples' true feelings were on display.

Married at First Sight Australia season five concludes on E4 later this week. Read what happened to the couples after the cameras stopped rolling in our What happened next? update.


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