Love Island’s Olivia wants another romance with Muggy Mike but he’s plotting revenge behind her back

Mike isn't interested in Liv, but it looks like he's about to deliberately lead her on to get his own back for that love triangle


Love Island’s Muggy Mike is plotting his revenge against Olivia now that he’s back in the villa, and it looks like he’s about to “mug her back” and deliberately lead her on after her split with Chris.


Olivia reveals in tonight’s episode that she wants to see whether there can be a romantic spark (again) with Mike now that he’s back in the villa.

We know.

Unbeknown to Liv, who says she would be “up for round two” with the newly-inserted islander (despite still saying she has “mad feelings” for Chris too), Mike has literally no interest in getting back with her and becoming embroiled in a love triangle with her and Chris. Again.

Instead, he has his sights set on Tyla and Georgia. But if this clip from tonight’s episode is anything to go by, it looks like he’s about to get very muggy with Olivia by deliberately leading her on.

Speaking to Sam alone by the fire pit, Mike says:

“I’m going to play a little game with her if I can and see what happens. The way she [played a game] with me. If she tries to put it on me, I might just get a little bit of revenge. Revenge is sweet.”

Later adding in the Beach Hut in a somewhat muggy manner:

“Olivia said she is single and it’s done with her and Chris but I think I’d be a mug to believe that. She fed me a lot of rubbish last time so I might feed her a little bit of rubbish too.

“I’m not an idiot, I’m not stupid. She played me before so she is not getting grafted on by me, fact. I’m not a mug. Well…”

Olivia, who says that the “dicksand is back”, says that she doesn’t think Mike would be “up for round two”…even though she wants to give it a go.


Round one between Mike and Olivia

Asked in the kitchen whether she would want to try for romance again with Mike, she remains silent but later says she would pick him again if there was a recoupling and adds in the Beach Hut:

“He’s absolutely gorgeous and obviously he hasn’t been hit by a bus in the last couple of weeks. He’s still gorgeous. Could there be a spark this time? I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”

Mike, however, had this to say in the Beach Hut:

“One part of me is saying ‘drop her out, leave it, be straight up with her’ and the other side is saying, ‘she mugged you off, mug her off back.’ It’s not in my character to do that, but I feel like she might deserve it a little bit.”

Oh crikey. But has anyone spared a thought for poor Chris in this whole situation?!


After chatting to Tyla and Theo by the fire pit, he admits that he knows Liv will now try to make him jealous and later says in the Beach Hut:

“Liv wants me to not be OK with this. Over the next couple of days that we aren’t going to be speaking, she can do what she wants, she can entertain Mike or she can do what her heart wants to do. Whatever.

“I’m not going to put it on Liv and be like, ‘I want you back’… Liv wants me to lay it on her and show so much emotion that I’m not OK. I couldn’t give a damn about Mike, I beat him the first time. I’m one-nil up.

“Literally I’m not bothered about Mike being back. Honestly I swear to you I’m so not bothered and I can’t stress that enough.”

Did you hear that, yeah? He’s not bothered. Repeat: not bothered. Just like Jonny ‘wasn’t bothered’ about Theo turning up at the villa and getting between him and Tyla

And let’s all remember how that turned out. Oh.


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