Love Island’s Kem and Jonny are feeling very threatened by new islanders Theo and Jamie

We reckon they’re both 100% Amber’s type on paper…


It’s another day in the Love Island villa, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for some new boys!


After the shock elimination of four islanders (although we’ll bet you can’t name all four without the help of Google), the producers have decided that it’s time to put some more new faces in the villa.

Theo Campbell and Jamie Jewitt are headed into the island, and both have already revealed who they’ve set their sights on. Jamie says he likes the look of Camilla, while Theo has picked out Amber, Olivia and Tyla as being the girls that he’s most keen on.

So it doesn’t take long before Amber and Tyla are getting texts, telling them to get ready for dates with Theo and Jamie respectively.

This, however, doesn’t exactly go down well with Kem and Jonny. Kem says:

“He’s annoying me yeah, Theo. 100 per cent her type on paper? She is probably going to get some tall, mixed race model, abs poking out of his t-shirt yeah. Probably looks unbelievable, has a very good haircut, probably got a good game as well. It just doesn’t help me out. Why have you got to throw Theo in?”

Despite Jonny saying in the Beach ut that he’s “not bothered” about Jamie, we get the feeling he most certainly is…

“Even if he is a 10 out of 10, I’ll still nick her back off him so I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve got my A game on. I don’t even care.”

Did you say you didn’t care, Jonny? We might’ve missed it…

Things then go from bad to worse for the boys when both Amber and Tyla then switch boys and go on two further dates – Tyla with Theo and Amber with Jamie!


Amber on one of her dates with the boys

Kem is clearly narked about it – which isn’t exactly helped when Amber comes back from her date describing the boys as “very fit” and that “they are very good-looking boys and will ruffle some feathers.”

It’s not long before Kem is getting the chance to make up his own mind, when both Theo and Jamie enter the villa! Kem says:

“My bird has just been taken on a date by two guys. One of them is a Calvin Klein model and the other one runs in the Olympics and is exactly Amber’s type. Why do they have to come in half way through when I’m doing my hair and I have a hair clip in? Why is Theo calling me ‘little man’?”

Could this spell the end of Amber and Kem for the hundredth time?!

Meanwhile, after joining the rest of the group, Theo reflects:

“Everyone was cool. I thought Jonny seemed a bit threatened.”

To which Jonny later retorts:

“I feel like he’s coming in all guns blazing. I don’t like him putting it on Tyla. He’s not her type anyway but it still annoys me.”

This could get messy, people.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2