Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis: Olivia is fake – Tyla and I are more compatible than her and Chris

Muggy Mike isn't mincing his words...


It was second time unlucky for Mike Thalassitis after the Love Islander got dumped from the villa… again.


“I’ve got a 100% ratio in dumping,” the footballer joked to and other press after being voted off the show. “I think Chris and Olivia’s relationship is a pretty rough one so if we can’t beat that… Obviously time was against us but I still think we’re more compatible than some couples there. But it doesn’t hit as hard as the first time.”

When we quizzed Mike on which couples he considers himself and Tyla more compatible than, it didn’t take him long to reply: “Chris and Olivia. I think she’s probably more fake.”


Chris and Olivia

But while “muggy” Mike got burned by Olivia during his first stint in the villa, one Islander he did get close to was Jonny. “He was my closest mate in there, he’s probably one of the only reasons I enjoyed my first time in there. I was gutted I couldn’t see him again.”

Although it didn’t take long for Mike to ‘graft’ on Tyla – just days after Jonny dumped himself from the island in favour of her. Is he worried about his “mate’s” reaction to their romance?

“I’m not worried, I know Jonny’s a man and he carries himself like a man. He’s not stupid – he knows the game, he knows what it’s about in there.”


Mike and Tyla

Would Mike have done anything differently since returning to the house, given that he and Tyla didn’t make for a popular couple? “I wouldn’t have done anything different both times – I was just lucky to get another shot.

“I could have gone for Georgia the second time but I wasn’t really attracted to her. I’ve got the girl I was most attracted to in the house in a couple and I had fun the second time even though it was short-lived.”

So, now he’s out of the house, will they continue their romance? “I’ve only known [Tyla] for five days – we’re not in a relationship! We were in a couple in there, we definitely enjoyed each other’s company, I’ve definitely enjoyed sharing a bed and we had a laugh so we’ll see what happens.”


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