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Dumped Jonny wants to make it work with Tyla after Love Island – and is "100% sure" she won't get with Theo

After some fresh air and freedom, Jonny is feeling rather optimistic!

Published: Tuesday, 11th July 2017 at 7:56 pm

If you admire Love Island's Jonny for one thing, it has to be his optimism.


The dumped islander has said that not only does he think Tyla and Theo "100%" won't get together, but also that he wants to make a go of things with Tyla when she gets out of the villa!

Jonny was sent packing after viewers voted both him and Tyla the least popular islanders on the show. The pair then had to chat and decide which of them was going to stay and which would leave the villa and head home.

Speaking to and other press after exiting the show, Jonny was asked about whether he thought Tyla and Theo were going to get together now that he's left. "I don’t know what you’ve seen on TV, but I’m almost 100% sure that Tyla and Theo are not going to happen," he said.

"It wasn’t really something that’s ever been on her mind, I don’t think she told anyone in there that it’s been on her mind. But it could happen – it is Love Island after all. But my perception of it was that it was not really on the cards."

Hmm, that wasn't really our perception, Jonny. Especially after Theo shortened his odds of pairing up with Tyla from 100/1 to 33/1...

Jonny also revealed that once Tyla joins him on the outside world he wants to give things a go with her, despite her rejecting him and the couple being on and off more times than a lightswitch during their time on the show!

"She’s a big girl – she can make her own decisions," he told us. "I’m not her boyfriend. If she meets someone else in there, that’s the premise of the show and I’ll have to take that. But if she doesn’t and she comes out, of course I’ll be 100% definitely trying to make a go of it on the outside."

Jonny had raised a few eyebrows earlier in the series when he claimed that Theo would have to prise Tyla from his "cold, dead hands", prompting accusations that he was possessive.

"That comment was made in extreme jest," he said, when asked about the claims. "That was made very tongue in cheek, I was just trying to laugh about things rather than losing my head.

"Of course I did not mean that in the literal sense, that would be ridiculous. I think if anything over the last few days I did back off and give Tyla some space, which was what she wanted. And that shows I’m not possessive and controlling. The only time I lost my head over things was when I thought Theo had acted in a pretty shady way."

He added: "I’ve got pride and I like to confront people about things if I feel like it needs to be done. But that comment, if it makes me look possessive that’s how it is, but it was made as a joke."

Jonny, who came near the bottom of the public vote on more than one occasion, said: "I definitely knew that I wasn't one of the most popular characters in there, but I can only be myself."


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.


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