Love Island: Are Jonny and Tyla about to get back together after last night’s break-up?

Jonny’s been back to his old, playful self since Tyla ended it with him – and it’s making her want him back


It’s official: the Love Island villa is sitting in a time warp. Within its walls, each sun-drenched day blends into the next, Islanders profess their love for each other within weeks and people have total personality transformations overnight.


The most recent specimen to prove this theory is Jonny. Since Theo’s arrival a few days ago – and Tyla’s constant nagging for him to be more “playful” – he’s been very down in the dumps indeed.

But since she broke it off with him last night, Jonny’s been on top of the world. In fact, he’s so chipper that Tyla is now irritated about how “overly happy and overly hyper” he is being.

This guy can’t get anything right.


In tonight’s episode, Jonny explains to new girl Georgia why he is feeling so great after the break-up: “We’ve been seeing each other 10 days or something like that and I just think it was a lot of pressure she was putting on me, and now the fact I don’t have to worry about it makes me feel a lot better.

“We both had some pretty valid points last night, we decided to call it off and you know what, if it was a girlfriend of 10 years I might be a bit more upset about it but I’m not going to mope around. I’m happy to be back where I am now. I’m happy to be myself again.”

Tyla, on the other hand, is very confused about Jonny’s new lease of life: “It’s grinding on me, he’s too happy now, just annoyingly happy… Jonny is a new man, he has gone from being mopey, moany, sad Jonny to what I only can describe as singing, dancing, happy.”

The pair of them have a chat, and Tyla explains her confusion at the time warp: “You went from being the most moodiest, aggy geezer to being like overly happy and overly hyper in the space of a couple of hours. I’m just annoyed you weren’t like that in the beginning.”

Theo, meanwhile, is moving in on Tyla with or without her encouragement. And Georgia looks like she might fancy a bit of Jonny.


But Theo and Georgia might be left disappointed, as the subjects of their desires are still into each other.

Tyla wishes Jonny had put up more of a fight when she dumped him, and Jonny’s told Jamie that he still fancies his ex.

At last, Jonny and Tyla catch up and he says the ball is in her court to change anything between them, as she was the one to end it last night.

But WHO KNOWS what will happen because there’s a dumping with a huge twist tonight – and any one of the Islanders could be leaving…


Love Island is on ITV2 at 9pm