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"The best karma I've seen" – Love Island fans are pretty happy that Jonny got dumped by Tyla on Camilla's birthday

While Cam was having the time of her life in the pool, Jonny was angrily munching on nuts in the kitchen

Published: Tuesday, 11th July 2017 at 9:13 am

It was Camilla's birthday on Love Island, and despite the delicious avocado on toast and starring in her very own Dirty Dancing there was only one thing that fans were talking about.


After Jonny dumped Camilla for Tyla – saying that he wanted someone a little more exciting – Jonny found himself on the receiving end of the same drama when Tyla dumped him not-exactly-but-basically-definitely for Theo. Someone she reckons is a bit more exciting.

Viewers, who recently voted Jonny one of the least liked boys in the villa, were pretty happy about this:

Weirdly the second that Tyla had told Jonny things were over, he actually seemed to brighten up considerably – a chat with Georgia where the two of them said they'd like to get to know each other could spell a new chapter in the villa for Jonny.

Meanwhile the Hideaway was opened up for the islanders, with everyone choosing one couple to spend the night. Obviously, they unanimously chose Camilla and Jamie. Which immediately showed something of a new side to Cam...

Jamie definitely looks like the one Camilla wants. Let's just hope both her and Jonny find true love with their new conquests...


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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