Love Island’s Jack Fincham is FINALLY pictured next to Danny Dyer

Because sometimes dreams do come true

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Remember when we learnt Jack Fincham kept a poster of Danny Dyer above his bed? We think we know what he’s going to replace it with: this new photo of the Love Island winner with girlfriend Dani and the Eastenders star.


Yes, yesterday Dani posted the picture we’ve all been waiting for, with the trio snapped together at West Ham’s recent home game against Bournemouth. And despite Jack being an Arsenal fan, the three couldn’t look happier, with smiles from Jack and Dani and a clenched fist from an expressionless Danny (we’ll assume that’s his equivalent).

Daddy Dyer also posted a photo of their meeting, with the (very sweary) caption lamenting his team’s 2-1 loss, before adding: “at least these two are loved up to f***”.

Although this is the first time the two have been pictured together, Jack and Danny have crossed paths before, with Jack previously divulging details on This Morning. “Yeah I’ve met him, he’s lovely. We had a nice takeaway together,” he said about the EastEnders actor.

He added: “Any man who says they’re not slightly nervous to meet their girlfriend’s mum or dad is lying, but no more nervous than anyone else.

“They were kind of similar to our family, like really nice and welcoming. We had a right laugh”.


Love Island will return in 2019

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