Shaughna Phillips has been feeling down in the dumps after being dropped by Callum Jones previously on Love Island.


But in Tuesday 11th February’s episode, she got a little boost when she heard newcomer Jamie Clayton was in South Africa.

However, it seems her excitement may be short-lived as the first look for the next instalment shows Demi Jones getting on well with the Scottish newbie.

Demi is currently cracking on nicely with Luke Mabbott after they shared their first kiss together last night.

But when Jamie takes both Demi and Shaughna on a date, one goes better than the other.

Shaughna immediately quizzes Jamie on whether he wanted to be a scaffolder, referring to whether or not he’s like Callum.

Interestingly, Jamie says he wants to have a word with Callum when he gets in to the villa as he doesn’t think he handled Casa Amor correctly.

Love Island Shaughna Phillips
Love Island's Shaughna Phillips (ITV)

But no sooner can Shaughna plan her wedding to the dreamy Scot, he’s dating Demi, having a seriously flirty time with her.

There’s more bad news in store as Demi admits she is looking to get to know Jamie.

She tells Luke M, who understandably is gutted, considering that’s two strong leads he’s had fall by the wayside.

But will she act on her feelings for Jamie? Or will she stick with unlucky-in-love Luke M?

And will Shaughna ever find her dream man?


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2