ITV has responded after footage emerged appearing to show Love Island's Haris Namani from before he entered the villa, involved in a fist fight in the street.


The footage was first released by The Sun, with that publication reporting that the events occurred last May after Haris had been on a night out in Doncaster. The clip appears to show him punching someone who then falls to the floor. He also appears to shout, "I'm not a bully".

Responding to a request for comment regarding the footage and Haris's involvement in the reality series, a Love Island spokesperson said: "Language and behaviour in the villa is always closely monitored, and islanders are reminded of what we consider acceptable during their time on the show."

Haris Namani Love Island
Haris Namani on winter Love Island 2023. ITV / Lifted Entertainment

They added: "Extensive duty of care protocols for all islanders includes video training and guidance covering language and behaviour."

Meanwhile, an additional Love Island source also told "We execute extensive background checks in advance of islanders entering the show and are one of the only shows in the UK to offer such a detailed training programme to provide education and instruction to Islanders on what is considered unacceptable behaviour and how they should conduct themselves in the villa.

"This training is their opportunity to learn and gain perspective from any mistakes or errors of judgement that have been made prior to going on the show."

During his time on Love Island, Haris, a TV salesman from Doncaster, has been coupled up with both Anna-May Robey and Olivia Hawkins, having entered the villa on day one of this current winter season, which is taking place in Cape Town, South Africa.

It has been reported by MailOnline that Haris has allegedly left the villa, with his departure being "part of a planned eviction after a public vote" and not in relation to the emergence of the footage.

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