Love Island First Look: Michael FINALLY admits he still has feelings for Amber

Plus, Ovie may have found a match with India

Love Island Amber and Michael

After a few days of relative calm in the villa, a storm of drama is about to be unleashed in on Love Island thanks to (who else?) Michael.


Although having seemingly moved on from Amber, earlier rejecting her advances, the firefighter from Liverpool is set to finally confess he’s still got feelings for his old partner.

In a preview clip (watch out: features strong language) Michael appears to admit his true thoughts about Amber to Curtis, Jordan and Ovie, telling them: “Now Joanna‘s gone I’ve had time to think about things and I do actually like Amber.”

He adds: “I’m not saying I don’t like Joanna, because I do. But I feel like because Joanna was there I actively avoided Amber.”

Is Michael admitting romantic feelings here? If so, he’s got some strong (and beautifully Irish) competition: as we saw at the end of yesterday’s show, tonight Amber will enjoy a date with professional rugby player Greg, who promises to spoil her “after all the drama that’s been happening”.

And it works wonders on Amber, who later tells her fellow islanders: “[Greg’s] accent is fabulous. And he can take the banter.”

She later adds to the girls: “I’m telling you now, I haven’t liked one boy that has come in. That boy has got the luck of the Irish!”

So, which guy will Amber choose? Will she forgive Michael for dumping her during Casa Amor? Will she convert her decent first date with Greg into a real romance?

OR will she shrug them both off and stick in a friendship couple with Ovie? We couldn’t possibly say.

But yes, she absolutely should.

Amber on Love island

However, it looks like Ovie could soon be taken, with the basketball player eyeing up newbie India. And – you might want to sit down for this – she likes him back.

“Ovie is gorgeous. Ovie would normally be my type,” India tells the girls by the firepit.

Luckily, the two get to spend more time together the next day when they share a breakfast date together – where they’re joined by Greg and his date Maura, and Harley and her choice Michael.

“Obviously, you’re very good looking,” India tells Ovie. “Body of a god! You’ve got the height and you’re funny.”

“I’m glad you picked me. You came to save the day!” Ovie replies.

Ovie Love Island

Chris, however, isn’t Ovie the moon about this budding romance. The islander we like to think as Niall 2.0 also has an eye on India, looking on from the kitchen as the new lovebirds play in the pool.

“Why is this my life?” He asks Jordan. “It’s a f***ing anecdote to you, you get to watch it – this is my life, I’m living it!”

Finally, he slumps on a workbench before unwittingly capturing the mood of the nation with one sentence: “I think I’m getting Ovie-d!”


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2