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Love Island first look: Anton and Belle on the rocks after headline challenge

Breaking news: the Side Bar of Shame leads to arguments galore

Love Island Anton (ITV)
Published: Monday, 22nd July 2019 at 2:57 pm

The latest challenge, to be shown tonight, saw the Islanders take on the wittily-named Side Bar of Shame; a game which required them to guess which tabloid headlines are about which Islander before pouring drinks over who they think is at the heart of the news story.

But things took a downward spiral when one headline claimed Anton’s best friend doesn’t believe Belle is his usual type – leaving Belle furious and Anton confused.

“Your friend is getting a strongly worded DM when we get out of here, that’s the truth,” Belle snapped.

But it seems the challenge got to Anton, as he later confessed to Chris that he feels his head is “scrambled.”

“First of all, right, one of my mates saying she’s not genuine, it makes me think whether I’m being silly,” he said. “Apparently someone very close to me is seeing something I’m not seeing.”

Belle, on the other hand, was angry with Anton’s so-called best pal, telling India and Harley: “I’m quite p****d off to be fair. I think that’s completely out of order what his friend has said and I don’t know why he’s saying something like that.

“Why are you coming out here throwing shade at your mate’s bird?”

But Belle wasn't the only islander left feeling that their relationship is under strain following the savage challenge, with Chris causing upset when he believed a headline claiming two Islanders “were meant to be together” was about himself and India – despite being coupled up with Harley.

Venting her frustration to the girls, Harley said: “I think it’s an absolutely ridiculous thing to do, especially as I’m stood behind the bar. Muggy as f***.”


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2


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