Love Island live final: relive all the action as Amber and Greg win £50k prize

Greg was the gent he's been throughout and split the prize fund

Amber Greg Love island

The villa doors have closed on another summer of love.


Maura and Curtis, Ovie and India, Tommy and Molly-Mae (plus Elly Belly) had their sights set on the £50,000 prize – but it was new couple Amber and Greg who took the crown and split the cash.

Missed the action because you refuse to let Love Island take over your social calendar? Then relive all the action below… including Ovie in a suit which we still can’t stop thinking about.

This live blog has now concluded

22:41 So that’s it. All over until January. Do we want winter Love Island? Not really, but let’s be honest I’ll be back writing about it 24/7 for two months after Christmas. It is what it is. See you all in the New Year!

22:37 So Greg and Amber are your 2019 winners. Who knew 12 days ago they’d win the £50k. Wonder how Michael’s feeling right now. Regretting that Casa Amor move, much?

Amber on Love island

22:35 Molly-Mae is currently reassessing her whole summer with Tommy after that loss

22:34 What a surprise! Of course he’s going to share it with her

22:32 This will be the best Love Island ever if Amber or Greg nick this money

22:31 Greg and Amber!!!!!

22:30 The Love Island 2019 winning couple is…..

22:24 Molly-Mae can’t see anything coming between her and Tommy – has she never watched Love Island?

22:22 Tommy needs a cookbook. 100 ways to cook with mayo.

22:18 Greg’s been slapping on the Vaseline lip balm

22:07 Fancy meeting a man like Ovie? Here’s everything you need to know about Winter Love Island

22:04 “What hasn’t Ovie got?” He’s got everything. Everything.

22:02 Third place is… Ovie and India !

22:01 In case any of you want to know when you can get your next Curtis Pritchard fix he’s in panto

21:59 Let us translate for Curtis: ‘I was never that into Amy.’

21:57 At least Curtis doesn’t have to sacrifice his morning coffee to give Maura fanny flutters now. He can grind those beans in peace.

21:56 Fourth place is Curtis and Maura. Shock.

21:53 When you can’t un-hear Caroline Flack

21:50 Think long and hard before you vote guys. Just saying.

21:47 I really want George to be watching this with a bag of his favourite prawn cocktail crisps

 21:44 I will buy breakfast for anyone who can name me every single dumped Casa Amor islander #goneandcompletelyforgotten

21:42 Hope Amy isn’t watching this – painful for us – and especially after Curtis said Maura made him happier than anyone else

21:40 Ovie mentioning his “little sister” Amber. Seriously can’t cope.

21:38 That routine was basically the Inbetweeners movie

21:36 He seems to have forgotten all about his 560 degree head spin when Maura walked in

21:34 How will Tommy use the word impregnable?

21:32 Thought anyone going after Ovie should give up but Greg. Yes, please

21:31 Sorry, but where did Curtis get that from? He said he’d only written about Maura’s eyes

21:23 Ad break – so it’s time to get clued up on the finalists … just in case you’re struggling with how to vote. First up: India

Love Island Ovie
Ovie and India

21:20 “You look incredible.” “Amazing”. If I had a pound for everytime Curtis rolled out those adjectives. I’m done.

21:17 Ovie for Bond. I don’t want to hear otherwise Barbara Broccoli.

21:16 Also maybe some of them are struggling because maybe just maybe they’re not actually as in love as they make out. Just a maybe.

21:15 Maura doesn’t know what to say – if she doesn’t get fanny flutters in there I’m out.

21:14 The girls are dress shopping. Definitely not a pop up for I Saw It First

21:08 Sorry, but can we please take a moment to appreciate how far Ovie has come in the pool. The man is wearing goggles now. Someone give him his 10 metre badge.

21:06 So they’re all learning to dance for the Summer Ball and poor old “brick” Tommy can’t grasp that “looseness”

21:05 “I’m going to miss Curtis’ dancing” said no one ever

21:03 Trying to make it so romantic when we all know all four won’t make it past Jan next year

21:00 One thing I won’t miss is those cringe Uber Eats ads with Flack

20:59 HERE. WE. GO.

20:55 Food for thought for your five minute warning. Apparently every winning Love Island couple has been stood to the left of Flack during the announcement. Who will be on her left tonight?

20:45 BUT could the real winners be Maura and Curtis? With TV appearances lined-up, pantomime, and the potential to earn up to £5k per Instagram post, tonight’s outsiders could be the ones enjoying the last laugh.

Maura and Curtis

20:23 So the bookies have got Tommy and Molly-Mae down as favourites for the win – but we did our own poll to see who you guys think should come out on top. Bow down to Amber and Greg, people.

Amber Gill

20:11 In case you missed it here’s your final first look at tonight’s episode – be warned. Ovie. Is. In. A. Suit. Being. Romantic.


20:06 Welcome to our live blog! The Love Island final is under an hour away. You only have to sacrifice one more summer evening to Caroline Flack and the islanders – so get comfy because you’ve got an hour and a half of villa action…