Love Island fans refuse to be happy about Megan and Wes

Can we ever forgive the pair of them for what they did to Laura (and new Alex, and Eyal, and Dean…)

Love Island

Last night’s Love Island was pretty momentous, with on-again-off-again couple Megan and Wes finally making it official and deciding to become boyfriend and girlfriend (for those not in the know, a step above the usual “coupling up”).


After the shock of Megan sacking off Eyal, Wes leaving Laura for Megan, Megan turning her back on Wes for new Alex then Wes winning her back, it finally seems like there might be a happy ending for the couple – but it’s fair to say that Love Island fans still haven’t forgiven them for their muggy actions thus far.

So no, they haven’t quite won the nation’s hearts like fellow official couple Jack and Dani (or even Josh and Kaz). But elsewhere, some viewers were actually willing to give the pair a chance.

So who knows? Maybe Wes and Megan could still turn a few other peoples’ opinions on their heads, and even have a shot at winning the eventual 50 grand prize at the end of the competition.

OK, yes, that’ll still be Jack and Dani but listen, we have to at least pretend it’s still a competition.


Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9.00pm